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8 Signs You’re A Pisces

8 Signs You’re A Pisces

8 Signs You're A Pisces

If you’re lucky enough to be born between February 20th and March 20th well congrats! Just like me, Bruce Willis and Drew Barrymore you were born into the zodiac sign, Pisces, one of the most underrated zodiac signs, like, ever. Now, most of the time horoscopes don’t really ring true. But the traits of your zodiac sign do, and if you don’t believe me then here are 8 Signs That You’re Definitely a Pisces.

1. There’s Something About The Ocean That Makes You Feel Unexplainably Good

I don’t know about you, but I always get this funny feeling when I’m within 50ft of the sea. Just paddling my feet in the water on the sure gives me a feeling of peace and happiness. If you’re a Pisces you’ll probably get this feeling as well and it’s all to do with being a water sign – if it wasn’t already obvious. The sign is drawn to water, it makes us feel at ease and spurs the creativity in us. So if you find even the scent of the oceans gets you smiling, then you know you’re a Pisces.

8 Signs You're A Pisces

2. Forget About Academic Subjects, Creativity Is Where It’s At

If you’re a Pisces then science and maths are the worst subjects in the world. They always have a right or wrong answer, and to us well that’s just silly. We have a flair for creative writing, art and design and all those other creative subjects that can let you build and don’t require an answer. Pisces have a much better brain for anything that’s creative because it allows us to get out what’s bothering us. So if you find yourself drawing randomly – especially if you’re avoiding anything to do with maths – you’re one hundred percent Pisces.

3. Everything Makes You Emotional

I don’t mean everything makes you cry, but any situation can cause some sort of big emotion particularly when it comes to being annoyed. But actually even things that aren’t that funny make Pisces laugh hysterically. Fortunately (or unfortunately) that’s the empathetic trait the will identify you as definitely Pisces.

4. Your Instincts Are Better Than A Dogs

If you’re a Pisces then you’re instincts will be impeccable. We manage to pick up vibes like no other sign and the majority of the time we’re one hundred percent right. A Pisces can even regonise those really subtle vibe that someone is letting off, but the great thing is a Pisces is subtle enough to let it go unnoticed and come back to it and be understanding in a more secure environment. If you’re getting the vibes, you’re defo a Pisces.

5. You’re A Dreamer

If you find yourself constantly stuck in a day dream, thinking of places you’d rather be, people would rather be, what life you’d prefer so on and so forth, then you’re Pisces nature is showing. We’re more often than not constantly dreaming about something and trying to think of different ways to get into one. Do you start planning your dream before you fall asleep? You’re a Pisces.

8 Signs You're A Pisces

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6. You Attract The Ghosties And Ghoulies

If you’re born under the fish sign, then you’re supposedly more susceptible to paranormal experiences. Just like we can pick up on emotional vibes, we also pick up on spiritual vibes. Ever felt uneasy in an old pub, but just can’t figure out why? It’s probs haunted and the Pisces in you knows it. The next time you start getting goosebumps, you better pull out your ghostbusters suit, fellow Piscean.

7. The Universe Speaks To You

Yeah, this is a little vague, but basically Pisces are a very spiritual sign and much more than any of the other zodiac signs. We all feel a connection to the universe, like it’s speaking to us and we’re trying to figure out what it’s saying. We’re constantly trying to piece together the bigger picture. If you’re a Pisces then you don’t sweat the small stuff.

8. You’re A Natural Born Swimmer

This was might surprise you, or not? Pisces are actually really good swimmers. In fact in 2012, the majority of Olympian swimmers were born under the Piscean zodiac sign. It makes sense, we’re a water sign and natural water is like home to us. So it might not be suprising to learn that we’re very strong swimmers. If you can hold you’re own better than anyone in the water, there’s no doubt you’re a Pisces.

8 Signs You’re A Pisces

Any of these traits sound familiar to you Pisces out there? Comment them below!

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