20 Signs You’re A Phi Sigma Sigma At SJU

In February of 2015, I accepted my bid to Phi Sigma Sigma, the Epsilon Omicron chapter at St. John’s University. I was welcomed home with king blue leis, glittered gold gift bags and above all, the warmest of hugs and brightest of smiles. It was at that moment that I realized, not only had I joined a sorority, but also had become a part of something much larger than myself. I couldn’t wait to see what this organization had to offer. Since I ran home that day and joined Phi Sigma Sigma at SJU, I can honestly say these women have changed my life for the better.

They have been my family 1,000 miles away from home, support system, therapists and confidants. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Joining Phi Sigma Sigma at SJU didn’t only come with rocking king blue and gold around campus, but it came with an immense amount of love I receive day in and day out. I can confidently say that joining Phi Sigma Sigma at SJU was one of the best decisions of my college career. It has shifted my life in a way that no other decision has.

It’s not hard to spot a Phi Sig around campus; after all, our windbreakers tend to make a statement! In case you don’t see a Phi Sigma Sigma in her attire, keep reading for 20 signs you’re a Phi Sigma Sigma at SJU.

1. You have traded in your caramel macchiato from Starbucks for a can of Red Bull.

A few of our sisters are or have been Red Bull Wings Team Members! With that being said, freebies are a must. Yellow, blue or red, as a Phi Sig, you can have them all!

2. You have a boy nickname.

Whether you’re studying at the library until 3:00 AM for your accounting exam, tanning on the Great Lawn or eating a slice of pizza at Regina’s, you’re sure to run into a sister who will greet you with your original nickname!

3. Eating alone is not acceptable.

As college students, we have 99 problems, but an appetite ain’t one! It’s a rare occasion that you find yourself eating without a sister talking about your weekend. Not to mention the fact that ordering pizza at Chapter is a religion.

4. Did someone say, brunch?

Not one weekend goes by that you won’t see a Snapchat or Instagram post of Phi Sigs brunchin’ it up in Manhattan. We are firm believers that it’s brunch o’ clock somewhere!

5. You enjoy kidding around.

Phi Sigma Sigma’s philanthropy is “School & College Readiness” therefore loving kids is a must! It’s time to relive your childhood and bring out the Hello Kitty lunchbox.

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6. Rain or shine, together is an adventure.

Whether the sun is up or it’s a snow day, making the most of New York’s four seasons is how a Phi Sig does it. We love to bring out the towels to tan on the Great Lawn or warm up the hot cocoa!

7. You know what you want in life.

As a Phi Sig, you know what ambition means and you’re not afraid to succeed on and off campus. Whether it’s spending the majority of your days studying for the LSAT or interning at one of New York’s top PR firms, you aren’t afraid to WORK.

8. You answer a sister’s phone call on the first ring.

Whether it’s 2:00 PM or AM, you are all ears 24/7.

9. Your group chats are more entertaining than the last Gossip Girl season you just binge watched.

Believe me, laughing at what your sister just said in the GroupMe is better than hearing Chuck profess his love to Blair, yet again.

10. #squadgoals.

Seeing a Phi Sig arrive to a party without another Phi Sig is a rare sight. You conquer the #squadgoals.

don't you love being a phi sigma sigma at SJU?

11. You chant together at any given opportunity.

Phi Sigs have more chants than one can count! We’ve been able to master each chant and always know exactly how and when to show our pride.


12. You know just about everything about each of your sisters.

Being that Phi Sig is a semi-small sorority, we know anything about our sisters. From what their major is to what shoe size they wear, go ahead, quiz us!


13. You travel across the country to reunite over the summer.

Phi Sig has sisters from across the nation! It’s what makes us so unique. California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, you name it! We can’t go too long without seeing each other so flights from coast to coast are necessary.

14. You have a “My closet is your closet” mentality.

Not one event goes by that the group chat won’t receive a message saying, “Does anyone have a black dress that I can borrow tomorrow?” The beauty of gaining so many sisters is also gaining so many closets!

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15. You edit and approve of each other’s Instagram pictures.

A sister’s approval is a must before anything hits the gram.

16. You keep in contact with alumni sisters.

Phi Sigma Sigma at SJU has an incredible connection to our alumni sisters who graduated in years past. They are constantly showing their love and support no matter how many years they’ve been alumni. They offer advice on the “real world,” love meeting their “grand littles” or even “grand grand littles” as well as keeping in contact with them! They’re all successful in their own lives and we’re their biggest cheerleaders. Our alumni are amazing; it’s as simple as that.


17. You “Throw What You Know” without hesitation.

Any scenery is a photo op for a “Throw What You Know” shot. Whether you’re studying abroad, on the coast of southern California, or in front of the Empire State Building, you show your love for your sisters no matter where you are.


18. You help each other find career opportunities and employment.

With a sorority, comes connections. As a Phi Sig, you use that to your advantage! You’re never afraid to ask around to see if any sisters are aware of any interesting internships, jobs, or opportunities.

19. You “Aim High” in all you do.

As a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma at SJU, you build one another up and show the world what you’re capable of as one but also as individuals.


20. You know what is important in life and more importantly, how to enjoy it with the right people.


College is short, so live it up! As a Phi Sigma Sigma at SJU you know what that entails and that includes spending quality time with one another in this beautiful adventure we call life.

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