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15 Signs You’re A NYC Clout Kid

New York is the home of some of the finest go-getters and creatives. In the midst of the rise of a digital era, the city has seen an increase in a wide variety of online personas. Everyone is constantly updating their online profiles to upkeep their specific personas and this is what indirectly birthed the term ‘clout’. Clout is neither good or bad, but just a term to recognize online popularity in the new era. Some of you may not even understand the concept, so here are 15 signs you may be an NYC Clout Kid!

1) You wear Kurt Cobain Shades but can’t recognize any Nirvana Songs.

Also known as ‘clout goggles’.

2) You probably own a Fanny Pack and wear it over your shoulder.

+5 clout points if it’s a Supreme bag.

3) Designer Belt

Preferably Gucci.

4) People call you by your social media handle.

Does anyone even know your real name?

5) You probably have more than 200k SoundCloud Plays on your mediocre rap song.

Link in Bio of course.

6) You try to pay for services with said clout.

PSA: clout tokens do not pay real world bills.

7) Designer Du-Rags.

Not the finest quality of silk. Just looks cool.

8) Dolls as an accessory?

Yes, this is a baby doll. It probably also has a designer Du-Rag.

9) You were probably Tumblr famous back in 2012-13.

Congrats, you’ve managed to stay relevant.

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10) People you have never met think they know you better than you know yourself.

The GIF is self-explanatory here.

11) You probably use Instagram more than you text back.

12) Your friends most likely also have clout.

Because friends who have clout together, stay together.

13) Your Follower to Following ratio is way off.

This person has clout.

14) You probably have an Instagram business account just to give yourself the ‘Public Figure’ title.

Lots of modeling. Payment received in clout form.

15) You’re in denial of being a clout kid.

It’s ok. I’m not judging.

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featured photo source:
Quiara Capellan

Interdisciplinary artist and freelancer based in New York City.

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