15 Signs You’re A Fashion Student At Kent State

You know you’re proud to be a fashion major because you love what you do, and you can fully relate to the 15 signs you're a fashion student at Kent State.

The clock strikes 11:50 AM and you see a herd of girls, HUNDREDS of them, burst through the doors. It’s them. The fashion majors. And while you’re swimming upstream through the sea of students, you overhear our conversations about our trend reports due Tuesday or our next fabric swatch run to Joann’s. We’re those girls outside taking pictures for our blogs and probably the reason Kent State is 61% female. We’re those people wearing a 10/10 outfit at a 7:45 AM Monday class. We come in all shapes, sizes, creative mindsets, shoe preferences, and hair colors. We’re real-life Bratz dolls with a passion for fashion. And if you’re one of us, you know you’re proud to be a fashion major because you love what you do, and you can fully relate to the 15 signs you’re a fashion student at Kent State.

1. Mood boards aren’t just a poster you glued together for a class.

I measured every perfect 1 x 1 color swatch and retraced the flat of that cut-out dress about 50 times (down to the the lace detail!!!) It’s not just a poster, it’s a masterpiece. And I’m hanging it on my wall for everyone to see.

2. Fashion Tech damaged your eyesight without a doubt.

Okay. I spent two hours on one flower out of the three flowers on my half drop pattern. Three more patterns, four garments, and four models to go. Wait, why are my eyes hurting? I need to dim the screen’s brightness down. Oh it’s already at zero percent…

3. You’re lowkey Kent’s Next Top Model.

I’ve been to five or six model calls, even tho I’m only 5’2. There’s still hope right? I just have to work on my walk.

4. That unspoken rule.

Ugh, that extra guilt if you don’t look nice for class. Everyone’s slaying today and I’m a potato in an Adidas hat, calling my look “street style.” Oh well.

5. Fashion Fabrics changed your life.

I should save my jeans for tomorrow because it’s going to be so windy, and the fabric construction of wovens are more wind resistant than these knitted leggings.


6. iPhone photoshoots.

You can stare as long as you want, just make sure you check out the final poses I picked on my fashion blog later!

7. A new level of poor college student

So the new trend is sherpa lined denim jackets? But I just dropped $50 on this satin bomber…..

8. You’ve pictured your wedding on the steps of Rockwell.

Okay that’s an exaggeration. BUT. The marble. The hues. The aesthetic. The natural light. You can’t deny it’s beautiful. I’m in love.

9. “What are boys?”

Out the 300 people in my lecture hall, there were maybe less than 10 boys. And most of then are gay. I forget other men go to school here until I go to one of my gen ed classes or the gym.

10. Your non-fashion major friends are always asking why you’re so dressed up.

The only fancy thing about my outfit is my cardigan just because it’s extra long, it took me two seconds to put on this ribbon choker, and I was already wearing my superstars!!!

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11. William Perrine is our “sorority sweetheart.”

He recently sent out an email about International Women’s Day, calling us inspirations and complimenting our potential. What a gem. We love you William!


12. College Fashionista takes over your Instagram feed.

Obviously, a lot of my friends are fashion majors, but that doesn’t mean that I can read all the new articles they put up!

13. Fashion show? Did you mean Fountain of Youth?

Ah yes, a reminder of why I do what I do. These concepts are amazing. These shows truly give me life. God bless everyone’s creativity.

14. You’ve changed addresses more than you’ve changed your outfit this morning.

So I’ll be on campus this spring, but I think I’m gonna try to get a marketing internship in Portland this summer. Then I’ll be studying in NYC in the fall and in Italy next spring. After that, I guess I should get another NYC internship for more experience…My dad invested in a box wheeler to facilitate this process.

15. The reaction of people when you tell them your major

Yes, it is actually a thing. And yes, I’ll style you…only if you fund my wardrobe too. I gotta feel good to make you look good right? And to feel good, I gotta look good. You feel?

What do you relate to as a fashion student at Kent State?
Featured image source: twitter.com
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