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25 Signs You’re a Delta Gamma at Kent State University

25 Signs You’re a Delta Gamma at Kent State University

Being in a sorority has not only given me best friends but family, too. I can go to any one of them with anything that’s on my mind, and I know they will support me no matter what. We are all unique in our own special way, and no matter what, I know I can be myself around every single one of them. Delta Gamma holds a special place in each collegiate member’s heart. We laugh, cry, eat, shop… we act like every other college girl out there, but here are 25 signs you are a Delta Gamma at Kent State.

1. Your mom/aunt/grandma/hair dresser/literally anyone buys you ANYTHING with an anchor on it.

2. The word to describe anything good is “phenomenal.”

3. Crying at Preference Round is inevitable.

4. There is never not a study table going on.

5. You still have your lei from bid day somewhere in your room. It’s drying out/shriveling up, but still beautiful.


6. Every time there’s an event at the house and we’re told to park at the church, there’s still about 50 cars parked haphazardly on the side of the house.

7. Getting an anchor tattoo is bound to happen– if it hasn’t happened already.

8. Venting to Barb about your day while she makes dinner or Breakfast Bar always seems to make you feel better.

9. Anchorman is taken very seriously. (PS- #GeorgeForAnchorman)

10. The Kent Lions Club is our biggest fan group.

11. Every time you look at your phone, there are 5,000 GroupMe notifications.

12. The GroupMe constantly drains your phone’s battery.

13. You love throwing the gamma everywhere….

14. You also love teaching anyone and everyone how to throw the gamma….

15. … And you love perfecting everyone’s gamma.

16. “It’s fine, everything is fine.”- everyone can relate


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17. At any minute of the day, any sister is down for Taco Bell.

18. “Delta Gammas DON’T lose.”

19. If you have awkward middle school photos on Facebook, they are bound to be found and posted in our GroupMe/all over the Internet.

20. Dunkin coffee runs in our veins.

21. We win philanthropy competitions like it’s our job.

22. We have at least 20 Sweethearts every semester.

23. You’re always trying to “do better.”

24. You have fun playing intramurals (especially flag football), and end up winning the championship(s).

25. You know our sisterhood is the strongest and any woman would do anything for you. These are your sisters, your lifelong best friends.


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