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10 Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Last

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Last

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Last

Are you in love with someone right now and wondering if he is “The One”? You have been dating for months, or even years but still scared if this is a long-lasting relationship? Here are 10 signs your relationship is going to last!

You Have Been Well-prepared Before Stepping Into A Relationship.

It’s quite common to see couples go to pre-marriage counseling to be more ready when stepping into the life of two, but before couples enter that important phase in their life, we don’t see quite a thing such as “pre-dating counseling”. Flirting, dating, arguing, breaking, sad-ing and then flirting. It’s the same circle, the same pattern that starts over and over again.

The reason why only after around 5 to 6 times being a relationship you can find ‘The One’ is because you’ve learned from your past mistakes and experience. So why not minimize the stage of heart-broken for so many by learning beforehand. Don’t be so naïve believing that you can actually handle a relationship without the basic knowledge about the opposite sex. Be well-prepared for the differences between men and women, the language and their primary needs in love.

So if you are well-prepared before entering a relationship, that is the very first sign that your relationship is going to last.

10 signs your relationship is going to last

You Understand That Your Man Needs Space Sometimes

Look, we all want to be a little bit needy sometimes and it’s completely normal. However, you man might go into his cave sometimes whenever he’s stressed out. Men’s biggest fear is to lose his privacy, he would love to spend time in his cave trying to solve his own problem. When you understand that your man needs to go to his cave sometimes and you’re not arguing or pushing him to give up on his privacy, you know that your relationship will last.

You’re Having A Plan Together

Some couples are too busy with their lives and purchasing their own dream and career, that’s not a bad thing, however, if they forget to indicate their partner in their future plan. That’s not a good sign. Make your plan together, where you might want to live and spend time together in the future!

You Communicate And Understand Each Other

Knowing that men and women are from different planets, therefore, you speak different languages. Remembering that helps you to settle down any argument. Whenever you and your partner have different opinions toward something, rather than avoiding an argument by saying nothing, you two communicating and understand the other person’s need. This is another sign that you two will be in a long lasting relationship.

You Show Your Appreciation

One way to always keep the flame in your relationship is to show your appreciation. It can either be a note telling him how much you appreciate to have him around, how better you feel when he listens to you. Deep inside every man is a hero needed to be praised, so stroke his ego, give him applause whenever he does something good.

10 signs your relationship is going to last

You Still Have Your Own Life

Being a relationship is fun, you want to share your time together, being on the phone 24/7 just to catch up with them every minute. Even though this is mad fun at first, it is a sign of an unhealthy relationship when you are too attached to your partner and forgets about your other relationship, your goals, and life.

Remember that one friend who disappears whenever she is in the relationship and all she does is stick with him all the time? You don’t want to be that girl who is not independent enough to take care of herself when her partner is not around. Thus being independent and having your own life is super sexy and attractive. If you still manage to have your own life while being in the relationship, then congratulations! It’s a sign of a healthy relationship.

You Grow Together

You know that you are in an invaluable relationship when you two grow together, not only mentally but materially. You are more happy, more mature, have a broader vision about certain things, as well as support in each other’s career.

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You Trust Your Partner

One of the most important things in a relationship is trust. If you cannot develop trust in someone that means you are going the wrong path. A healthy and long-lasting relationship is the relationship in which you can give out your trust to your partner.

10 signs your relationship is going to last

You Are His Great Support

Whenever your man feeling down or stressed, you don’t push him or become needy and ask for his attention all the time, instead, you trust and support him with his decision. By living your own life, keep that positive energy, cook him something mean a lot to him. For him when facing a difficult situation, this is the best support you can give, because he knows that you can take care of yourself rather than relying on him.

Supporting whenever he makes a decision or in a hard time is the key element to keep you being in a relationship happily.

You Don’t Expect Too Much

At the beginning of every relationship, we tend to expect too much from our partners, however, we are all human, we have both good side and bad side. Expectations are good, don’t get me wrong, however, the more you expect from your partner, the higher the chance you feel disappointed in the relationship, which leading you to feel unloved. Instead of expecting, trying to see the possibility of you two together and work it out.

There is nothing such as a perfect man when it comes to love, however, each woman will have a man who will fit her perfectly in life. So stay in love, stay strong! Tell us if there are any other signs proving that your relationship will last forever!

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