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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

Every relationship starts with both parties being very excited and fond of each other. In a perfect world, each and every relationship will work out in the end for both you and your partner, but sadly that is often the case. While you want to be positive and look on the bright side to each relationship, you would want to know any signs that present as “red flags”. These signs should allow you to rethink about the relationship, and what you believe is best for yourself. With that being said, here are 5 signs that your relationship is failing!

You Argue Over Everything

To begin with, arguing is an important part of every relationship (as we are all human). It is very healthy to voice your opinions with each other, as that is how a relationship gets stronger. However, the intensity and how often it happens can be an indicator of how strong your relationship really is.  Constantly calling each other terrible names, or fighting over the smallest of issues (like buying the wrong ice cream flavor) might seem like something you should simply glance over and move on from, but when it escalates to you feeling verbally abused, you should see it as serious, and a major red flag.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

They Don’t Want To Take You Out

This alone, just like just arguing, is not inherently a sign your relationship is failing. It is fine if your partner wants a night out with just their friends (as you definitely do not want to be the clingy one in the relationship), but it is very different when you two end up regularly doing activities without the other person. This can start off as not going on dates as often anymore, to your partner wanting to go to concerts alone, and to your partner not wanting you to hang out with their friends at all. And, no, you are not paranoid if you see this is fishy.

I read a story about how a girl’s boyfriend was strictly against her coming to a concert festival with him (even though she really wanted to go). She found out that his friends brought their girlfriends to the festival with them, so there was no reason why her boyfriend would not want to bring her with him (unless he wanted to hit on girls at the festival). If this scenario happens to you, see it as a huge red flag, and reexamine how strong your relationship is.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

Their Jealousy Becomes An Issue

The topic of jealousy in a relationship is quite a slippery slope, and one might think the previous point mentioned above is a display of jealousy. Let me explain. On the one hand, it is perfectly normal to feel a bit weird if your partner has many friends of the opposite sex (if you are in a heterosexual relationship, as I cannot speak for same-sex relationships). On the other hand, your partner is their own person, and you should be able to trust them (until they give a reason not to) with their friendships.

If your partner is very insecure about your friendships, then that might be a red flag for you.  Jealousy in a relationship becomes bad when you actively take action to police your partner, such as constantly checking their phone, or stating they simply cannot hang out with their friends alone (or something similar). If unchecked, it can go even further to stalking one’s partner and lead to a downward spiral, making the relationship extremely unhealthy.

They Disrespect Your Opinion

The whole point of a relationship is to have someone to talk to and you can be intimate with. Mutual respect in a relationship is crucial, and while most relationships start with this, respect can sometimes diminish as time goes on. If you notice this, it is a blatant sign that your relationship is failing.

It is sometimes hard to see though, especially when you are in love with someone. There are always certain things you prefer or don’t prefer, like if you hate being made fun of. If your partner constantly makes fun of you and says it is just a joke, even when you voice your opinion on it, they are not only being extremely disrespectful but showing that they do not care about how it might affect you. Your dignity and self-confidence should never be brought down by the one person who is almost obligated to uplift you; and if your opinion is constantly disrespected in your relationship, you need to rethink about what will make YOU happy.

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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

They Do Not Involve You In Major Decisions

This is something that happens a lot during relationships that have been going on for a long time, during major decision making. If the two of you live together, you would want to bring up big purchases to each other before it happens, and it is a sign your relationship is failing if this stops to happen.

I am not talking about bringing up buying lunch at work or pens from the dollar store, but if your partner buys a new car without ever mentioning it to you, this is a sign that they do not value you enough to involve you in that decision. This stems from them disrespecting your opinion, as even though they do may not audibly show they do not care, or they may not go out of their way to disrespect you, not involving you in big decisions is still quite disrespectful. Even if the two of you do not live together, it is common decency to tell your significant other about big decisions in your life.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

These are the 5 main signs your relationship is failing. Although unfortunate, seeing if these signs apply to yourself and thinking over your relationship is very important for personal growth, and allow for you to make the best decisions for yourself. Let us know in the comments if there are any other major signs to look for if you believe your relationship is failing!

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