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10 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

10 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend


Mom, the person who has been there for you since day one (literally). She is there for you through everything. She’s the one person you can count on when things get rough. The relationship you have with your mom is special and unique, and everyone’s is different. My mom is my very best friend, and here are 10 signs that your mom is your best friend too.

1. She’s the first one you call with good news.

Do well on that exam you were freaking out about? Score a date with that cute boy in chemistry? Your mom is the very first person you call to tell her the good news. She patiently listens to you talk non-stop about how amazing you feel and how good things are going.  She knows your hopes and dreams, and is just as excited about your accomplishments as you are.

2. She’s the first person you call when something happens.

Just like when something amazing happens in your life, when things crash and burn, she is the person you immediately call. She not only is there for you when you’re happy, but she will stay on the phone with you for hours as you scream, cry, get angry, and when you fell alone. She feels you pain, she has probably been there at one point or another and usually will give killer advice (after you’re done freaking out). If she can’t come up with any advice for you, she is there to lend an ear, remind you that she loves you, and to ask you if you need anything.


3. You call her just because.

Sometimes you just need to talk to your Mom. Nothing monumental is happening in your life, you just miss her and want to catch up. You can talk about anything and nothing at all, all in the same phone call. In fact, there are sometimes periods of silence where neither of you say a thing, but that’s okay because you don’t have a need to fill the silence, it’s enough to know that she is on the other end.

4. You have an epic Snapchat streak.

You Snapchat each other EVERY DAY, throughout the entire day. Sometimes it’s just funny selfies and other times it’s the crazy lady wearing two different shoes that you saw on your way to work. Your Snap streak with her is more important than anyone else’s. If you only Snapchat one person all day, it’s your mom.



5. She’s your biggest fan and loudest cheerleader.

She has more faith in you than you have in yourself, and she is sure to remind you of it often. Your mom believes you could conquer the world if you set your mind to it, and she’s going to be right by your side cheering you on through every trial you face. She not only wants what’s best for you, she is going to ensure you know you deserve the best.

6. You ask each other for advice.

Her advice is something you actually take and you take it very seriously. On the flip side, she often asks you for your opinions and advice, genuinely wanting to know what you think. You can be completely honest with each other, knowing that you have the others best interest at heart.

7. You can tell her everything (in complete confidence).

You tell her everything–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even when you’ve accomplished your goals, and you also tell her when you screwed up–bad. A perk of being able to tell her anything? She doesn’t tell anyone else. She keeps your secrets better than you do even. You have no fear when it comes to telling her everything. Besides, your mom does not judge you (out loud anyway) and she’s going to find out the truth anyway, why not hear it from you?


8. Her closet is your closet, and vice versa.

One of the greatest things about your relationship with your mom is her closet. When you have absolutely nothing to wear, all you have to do is call (or visit) and you have a whole other closet at your disposal. Also, when she’s in a bind, your clothes are always available. You give each other fashion advice, and you mix and match items from both wardrobes constantly. **Bonus points if you wear the same size shoe.**

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9. You realize that you are becoming just like her (and you’re not mad at it).

Being so close to, and living with your mom for so long, it’s inevitable that you’ve picked up on her quirks and habits. Some days you’ll be talking with friends, or be busy doing something and you realize you are acting just like your mother. When you do realize it, you’re actually glad, because there is no one else you would rather be like than your mom. She’s your superhero, your biggest role model, and the person you look up to the most.

10. You’ve come to accept that you’ll never be able to repay her.

Your mom has sacrificed so much for you, and you know that nothing you could do will ever be enough to repay her for everything she’s done. A lot of people don’t realize how much our moms value our relationships with them. Yes it’s great to have your mom as your best friend, but have you every realized that they love the camaraderie you have just as much as you do? Although, all you can do is just continue doing what you’re doing, loving her unconditionally like she does you, and by being her best friend.

Thank you mom, I love you.

Is your mom your best friend? Let us know why in the comments below!
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