10 Signs Your Living Room Is Screaming For A Makeover

The heart of every home, where precious moments take place, from opening presents on Christmas morning to simple wine nights with your gal pals—the living room creates the feng shui for the rest of the household. However, time goes by incredibly fast and it’s quite easy to get lost in the routine of comfort and similarity when it comes to decor. Here are 10 signs that your living room is screaming for a makeover (with solutions of course)!

1. Your Pillows Are Flatter Than Me Wearing Low Rise Jeans

This may have made you laugh…but it’s so true! When is the last time your pillows had a little fluff? Vibrant, bold patterns can easily bring life into any room. Scatter your new puffs of happiness on chairs and that couch or loveseat of yours! Guaranteed to make your living room look anything but flat! Another fun way to incorporate pillows into your decor is for floor seating. Colorful pillows around a coffee table calls for a relaxed brunch with the girls or the perfect place to sit and catch up on homework! Some perfect places to check out for funky pillows are Pier1.com or Wayfair.com.


2. You Don’t Have Lighting That Makes Your Eyes Sparkle

No one wants a poorly lit living room! How will the perfect selfies be taken? Say goodbye to outdated lamp fixtures and that one lamp in the corner collecting dust! And welcome with open arms, fairy twinkle lights, and trendy abstract candles-all the craze right now! A perfect way to display these fairy twinkle lights is to carefully hang them along your walls to bring a little extra love into the room. The best part about fairy lights is that they come in many different colors and sizes! Options for even the pickiest of people! Take a twist on traditional candles and switch them out for an abstract twisty candle! These are a buzz on the internet and can be found at Urban Outfitters! Place these candles on your coffee and side tables in your living room to make the room truly glow. Another fun place to put these funky creations is next to the television or on the windowsill!

3. Ditch The Tapestries From Your Tumblr Phase And Hang Up Vintage Artwork And Posters

It’s okay to admit…we all had THAT Tumblr phase. You know what I’m talking about, the high-waisted pants, the band tees, and of course the classic tapestries. It’s time to retire these tapestries and introduce a new type of wall decor! Vintage posters and artwork can be both a collectible and a sentimental piece in your living room. Snag a poster of your favorite music festival or the coolest musician you know! Research vintage stores in your city to find posters and artwork near you! Another cheap alternative is heading over to the local Goodwill to grab some awesome pieces. The best way to display your posters and artwork is by making a giant wall collage. A unique way to display your favorites and bring personality into your living space.



4. Your Thumb Isn’t Green! 

Add some plants and fresh succulents to give your living room a breath of fresh air. The grocery store or local nursery is the place to find the perfect plants for your living room. A helpful hint—make sure you purchase plants that are able to survive and thrive while indoors! A few options are peace lily, aloe vera, English ivy, or even pathos! Place your new plant friends on window sills, next to chairs, and on side tables to get the good vibes flowing. 


5. Clutter Is Looking Like Your Bestie!

It’s hard to stay organized, especially when you have so many belongings. However, there can be a method to your madness and the method of choice…cute baskets and ottomans that double as storage. Stack old magazines, TV remotes, and slippers in decorative baskets, which are made easy to slide under side tables or next to your couch. Target is the go-to place to purchase these! Ottomans that double as storage are a blessing in disguise. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars when you purchase one! 

6. Pet Fur Galore

Having to deal with pet fur is just a small price to pay when it comes to having such lovable companions. However, last I heard, pet fur covering every inch of your living room is so not in this season! Here are some simple solutions to get a grip on this hairy situation. Firstly, chic pet beds! Invest in a bed fit for a queen-or your fun-loving pooch. Having an alternative place for your pet to lounge will avoid the unwanted residue buildup on furniture.


7. No Music Is In The Air

A huge sign your living room is in need of a pick-me-up is the fact you have no music in the air! Invest in a record player, which doubles as room decor. Collect vinyls and have them on display! This leads to a topic of conversation for when guests are over and a great way to set any kind of mood. Urban Outfitters is the best place to purchase a record player and start building your dream vinyl collection! In no time, the Feng Shui of the room will be pure bliss and lovely melodies. 

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 8. Lack Of Patterns! Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match—This Isn’t A Doctor’s Office!

If your living room is monochrome and lacking pizazz, it’s time to switch things up and add some flare! Toss your plain white throw blanket, and swap it with a bold animal print throw. As your putting out the old, let’s continue to bring in the new with bold patterned draperies. A dull color isn’t inviting! Let’s go for a fun zig-zag or a ruffled pattern-sure to catch anyone’s eye! 


9. No Clear Signs A Bookworm Is Present

Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and crank out a whole novel. However, coffee table reads might just be up your alley. Photography and fashion books give an aesthetic taste to any living room and will leave your guests saying, “That’s goals”. 

10. You Don’t Have A Wine Cooler

A staple to any relaxing evening in your living room is a glass of wine and feet up on the ottoman! A wine cooler can be both pleasing to the eye and an awesome way to display your beverage of choice. Keep it going with the display for an extra pinch of aesthetic, and add a tray on top of the cooler. On this tray add decorative bowls with nuts and finger snacks, as well as glasses and napkins. A perfect way to finish your living room makeover! 


At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your living room is a place of relaxation and comfort for everyday life. As long as your happy, your living room is happy. These are 10 signs you needed a living room makeover! What’s your ideal living room like? Let us know in the comments!