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10 Signs Your Coworker Does Not Like You

10 Signs Your Coworker Does Not Like You

Do you think your coworker does not like you? Well, you may not be wrong. Here are all the signs your coworker may not be crazy about you.

We all have to deal with coworkers who either like or dislike us. Having a job or career is the only way to secure a bag and provide the opportunity to pay bills! If you’ve job hopped or worked numerous jobs, there’s a chance you’ve had coworkers who were unbearable or was a hater!  Some coworkers will openly let you know that they dislike you or mask the hate. If you’ve sense bad vibes and energy then it’s time to look around and check out your surroundings. There’s no need to be friends with your co-workers because everyone’s here to make money or further their career! If your coworkers don’t like you just work your butt off to get that promotion and laugh in their face (You gotta be petty)! Here are 10 signs your coworker does not like you!

1. They Give You Side Eye

We’ve all given side eye and certain looks at people we don’t like. If the front desk associate or head of the PR department is looking you up and down or giving you side eye, they definitely don’t like you. You just gotta ignore the hate and keep it moving. This is a sign your coworker does not like you!

10 Signs Your Coworker Does Not Like You

2. They Throw Shade

Haters will always find a way to show their disliking towards you. Throwing shade is mastered by people who are petty or if they’re a Scorpio. As a petty Scorpio who has mastered shade, I always have clapbacks and backhanded compliments ready when it comes to dealing with rude coworkers! I personally told a coworker, his girlfriend does not claim him because she has none of his pictures on Instagram and that she’s way out of his league (Yes, I went that far)! This is a sign your coworker does not like you!

3. They Talk Shit About You

If anyone is talking shit about you behind your back then they don’t like you! Take your ass to HR and report them! Some coworkers will try to spread rumors about you or come up with weird stories to fuck up your career and cash flow! Tell that person to keep that same energy and say it to your face!

4. They Throw You Under The Bus

Some workplaces involve working as teams, obviously some people will do more work than others. Depending on the person’s role on the team, some people will slack off and stay quiet if they made a mistake. If something goes wrong, they will instantly put you under the bus. A coworker who dislikes you will do anything to see you suffer! This is a sign your coworker does not like you!

10 Signs Your Coworker Does Not Like You

5. They Give Off Bad Energy

If you’re getting bad energy or terrible body language from coworker then they definitely dislike you! If they seem tense or uncomfortable around you, it just means they want nothing to do with you!

10 Signs Your Coworker Does Not Like You

6. They Ignore You

Coworker who’s a hater will act as if you don’t exist. Whether it’s not making eye contact during a presentation or walking past you without acknowledging your existence. Your coworker dislikes you! This is a sign your coworker does not like you!

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7. They Feel The Need To One Up Your Achievements

Haters feel the need to have competition with you! If you talked about being a child star or being the most awarded athlete in your state back in high school, they will find a fact or come up with a lie to sound like an overachiever.

8. They Are Fake AF!

They will put up a fake front in your face but will gladly put you under the bus or spill your tea! If your coworker seems to act different around you in many settings, keep your eyes open!

10 Signs Your Coworker Does Not Like You

9. They Love Seeing You Get In Trouble

They enjoy seeing you suffer, whether it’s the chances of getting fired or potentially having issues with your boss. Coworkers who dislike you will enjoy seeing you struggle and suffer. This is a sign your coworker does not like you!

10. TheyPlot To Get You Fired!

That coworker will plot plans and create lies to get you out of the workplace! If they’re spreading rumors about you having a relationship with someone in a higher position or saying you lied about your resume experience, that person will try to manipulate peoples minds to get rid of you!

Are you currently dealing with a coworker who dislikes you? Are there any other signs that show your coworker does not like you? Comment below and share with your coworkers!
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