15 Signs You Were Destined To Be A Mountaineer

West Virginia University is the home away from home. Sports are taken as serious as religion and your entire family is proud to be a Mountaineer. For most, it was destiny that they became a Mountaineer and were trained early on to love WVU. These are the 15 signs that you were always meant to be part of the blue and gold family!

1. Your first onesie was blue and gold regardless of gender.

2. Your parents sang you Country Roads as a lullaby.

3. Even when little, you knew that BUM BUM BUM was not what you said when Sweet Caroline came on.

4. When you were young, or not so young, you had a huge crush on Pat White or Joe Alexander or both depending on your sports preferences.

5. When growing up, the only alcohol you saw was various domestic beers, specifically Natty Light.

6. When you were lucky enough to attend a home game, you couldn’t leave without a frozen lemonade and a Julia’s pepperoni roll.

7. You knew, and still know, game day for any sport is religious, and superstitions are not to be taken lightly.

8. Your family has a make shift advent calendar counting down until the Backyard Brawl resumes.

9. Your spirit fingers can’t hold their excitement back when performing the famous first down cheer.

10. The sight of Woodburn gives you chills, every time.

11. Applying to college anywhere else felt like a betrayal, so you never even considered it.

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12. You’ve been counting down the days until your very first fall fest since the Kanye performance in 2004.

13. Every car in your hometown had some sort of WVU décor whether it was a personalized “EERS” license plate or a chrome flying WV proudly glued on.

14. When finalizing your lifelong plans to attend WVU, you never needed a tour because Morgantown was already your second home.

15. You happily, and crazily squirm just thinking about your home, away from home, among the West Virginia hills.

Are you a Mountaineer that bleeds blue and gold!? Share your love for WVU in the comments below!

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