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15 Signs You Were Born And Raised In The South

15 Signs You Were Born And Raised In The South

If you were raised in the south these 15 signs will be familiar. In the South, flannels, church and country are staple trademarks for Southerners.

If you can’t tell a person is born in the south by the way they talk, these 15 signs are sure to point one out. If you were raised in the south only you’d understand these signs!

1. You love your sweet tea.

If you were born in the south there is no way you can turn down a fresh glass of sweet tea, you just can’t. Sweet tea is your go to beverage and it’s very likely you will judge a restaurant by the taste of their tea.

2. You can get down to some country music.

Here in the south we don’t need to do the dougie, the wag, or any of those dances. Come down here and we will show you how to really get down. Put on some Keith Urban, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, or Carrie Underwood and we can dance until the sun comes up.


3. You know that “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” are required.

In the south unless you want a beating you best use your manners. Momma and Daddy didn’t raise you a fool.

4. Cheesy grits, mac and cheese, and fried green tomatoes are a vegetable plate.

If you go over to a southerner’s house you can expect to be eating at least one of these three foods for one of your meals. They are just part of a southerner’s way of life. A tip, you better eat it too.

5 Never trust a skinny cook.

My grandma has always told me to never trust a skinny cook because 1. They are either not eating their own food so it can’t be good, nor can it be edible. 2. They are eating it and it’s too healthy to taste any good.


6. Boots.

A southerner can wear their boots with any outfit and still pull it off.

7. Teachers will accidentally call you by your older sibling’s name.

Most times if you live in the south, you live in a small town. In a small town, your older siblings took the same classes as you so expect to be called their name, at least for a little while. Only if you were raised in the South does this make sense to you.

8. You may not know the person driving down the street but you’re still going to wave hello.

As a southerner, you are always friendlier, a little “too friendly” some might say but what my mom has always told me is, you never meet a stranger, because everyone you meet you get to know.


9. You can try your best but y’all will always be in your vocabulary.

No matter how hard you try to stop saying y’all, you always will. You were born hearing it and saying it and you will hear for as long as you live. People say its improper, I say it’s unique.

10. You love to be barefoot.

Shoes aren’t always necessary. A girl may love her shoes but if you’re a true southerner, you won’t be bothered without them. A nice walk down the street, or even just hanging outside. You won’t be needing your shoes if you were raised in the South.

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11. Mayonnaise is basically the only condiment.

There is one thing a southerner is sure to put on their sandwiches and that is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is essential for a good meal, and if it dukes, you did good.

12. You’re generally louder than most if you were raised in the South.

A southerner has a protruding voice, they can’t help it. If they want to be heard, rest assured they be heard. You can almost always hear one, ever over a crowd of people. Hey, at least we stand out.

13. Church every Sunday isn’t up for debate.

Church on Sundays is a known thing. You don’t try to get out of it, you don’t try to skip because you can’t. Momma didn’t raise a child like that. You go, you listen, and you learn something every time. If you were raised in the South, you know this is true.


14. Flannels.

If you were really born in the south, you have flannel to go with every outfit that you own. Who needs a sweater when you have a flannel, right?

15. Fun things to do.

In the south fun things to do may be different from what others would go out and do in their free time. We like to go mudding, hunting, fishing, ride around on back roads, listen to music, cookout runs, grill outs, and most importantly spend time with friends, family, and God.

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