10 Signs You Went to Wissahickon High School

As a senior at Wissahickon High School, I feel like I’ve picked up on a few things over the past four years. Wiss has some distinct quirks that only the Wawa-loving students will understand. Without further ado, here are 10 signs that you went to Wissahickon High School…

“The Knuckle” brings PTSD

No, it’s not just part of your finger. Wiss students will know the patience it takes to fight through hundreds of other students trying to make it to their next class. You’re bound to be flat-tired, pushed around, and be cursed out over the course of four years. Yet, even though The Knuckle could easily be avoided, the intersection of the main hallways still floods with students as soon as the bell rings.

180 Seconds

In a school as confusing and large as Wissahickon, it can be nearly impossible to get from one class to the next in only three minutes. Even if you sprint, you’ll never make it from the circle gym to K hall in time; you might as well take your time.

Bells are contradictory in importance

According to 99% of teachers, “the bell doesn’t dismiss you,” they do. But god forbid you arrive at your next class after the late bell rings… you will be sent to go get a late pass. (Most of the time this is just a petty threat made by faculty. Well, unless you’re in Mr. Macminn’s class).

High-quality laptops with lightning fast internet…

… Not. Don’t get me wrong, our school is blessed to have access to the technological resources that we do, but it’s incredibly frustrating to have to restart my laptop every time I shut the lid, having to reconnect to the internet between every class, and visiting the tech help desk on a bi-weekly basis.

The student lot is a deathtrap

Beeping, cursing, and the occasional fender-bender are

You understand the struggle of lunch

Audion seats? Taken. Library? Understaffed and closed. Cafeteria? Packed, hot, and congested. By the time you find a place to go, lunch is halfway over and you’ve been repeatedly asked why you were wandering the halls.

El Limon, Chipotle, Wawa, and Vic are the places to be

Good luck going to any of the above without seeing someone from school. Show up there with your family and you’re bound to end up sitting with your friends that walk in.

See Also

Big Dog

The school day becomes a little less painful when you find out one of your teachers is out sick and you have a substitute… but if you’re blessed to have Big Dog as a sub, you’ll spend the class laughing and talking. Easily the most loved substitute in the school, I have witnessed cheering and clapping when students enter a class and see him sitting at the teacher’s desk.

The method of naming hallways makes virtually no sense

Two H halls? Upper C? Lower C? There’s an F hall? What floor am I even on?


Because how else would you want to end your senior year other than being constantly paranoid about being sprayed with water at any given moment? And, even better, it’s all filmed and put on Instagram for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

What do you think of these 10 signs you went to Wissahickon High School? Let us know in the comments below!
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