10 Signs You Went to Vestal High School

As a senior at Vestal High School, I feel like I’ve gained a lot of insight and experience over the past four years. There are certain things that only Vestal students can relate on; so whether you already graduated, are a senior like me, are still an underclassman, or even an incoming freshman, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand these 10 signs you went to Vestal High School!

1. The V-Town Den Was Too Lit.

The Vestal Den, or the V-Town Den, is Vestal’s student fan section. It’s made up of around 300 rowdy students who show up to every football and basketball game, whether it’s home or away, and show our Golden Bear pride. It’s led by one or two of the most spirited male seniors, and we cheer on our sports teams (VERY loudly). My favorite part was singing along to the national anthem, and screaming “home of the BEARS” instead of “home of the brave”. Oh, it’s also pretty funny when the athletic director has to hold us back from storming the field after a big win.

Vtown Den 2


2. You Know All About The Post-Game K&K’s Run.

Basically, your whole school just showed up to get bubble tea. Lucky you if you got there early and grabbed a seat on one of the unbelievably comfy couches. Lucky you if you even got to sit at all.



3. When In Doubt: Skylark.

Whether it was a late night meal after a football game, breakfast the morning after a long night, or even just a everyday lunch, Skylark was the place to be for your typical diner food. You had to beware though, waitresses had a habit of kicking rowdy teens out. Oh, and if you didn’t buy anything you were definitely getting kicked out. Are you even a real Vestal student until you know the struggle of being broke AF and only being able to order a side of fries? Or if you’re REALLY broke, applesauce? Anything to make sure you didn’t have to sit and wait in the car while your friends got their food. 

Broke gif

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4. Open Campus Lunch.

Every freshman is so excited about this new concept as they come up from the middle school. Vestal High School lets all of its students leave for their lunch periods. There are a few options within walking distance of campus and it’s generally pretty safe to walk. The real fun began when you could drive, though. Moe Monday? Panera? Tony’s Pizza? Wegmans? It was pretty incredible how fast we learned how to get our food, eat it, and make it back to campus within 40 minutes. It’s harder than it seems. 


5. Student Parking Is SUCH A CRISIS. 

Every senior knows the struggle to get one of the very limited front lot spots when you woke up an hour after your alarm went off; and you’re in a frenzy of your classmates searching for a final spot in the 3 designated rows. It was even worse trying to guess the perfect time to make it back before your lunch period was over, hoping there were still spots left. (But like really- why are there so many extra teacher spots and no student ones?!)


6. You Had To Admit Defeat And Park At Little League A Few Times.

The trek you took from little league to the main entrance LITERALLY seemed like it was a 5 mile walk, especially in the dead of winter when the wind chill was -25 and you still had to go to school. (Oh yeah, every Vestal student also knows winter lasts half the year here in beautiful Upstate New York.)


7. You Also Probably Got Green-Slipped Once Or Twice.

So you were seriously running late, or you really didn’t want to walk in the cold or the rain (because is the weather ever nice in Vestal?), and you park in a front lot teacher spot. (Or a half spot- the struggle is so real.) Getting away with this was a rare occasion; it’s no surprise to see the lady walking around the parking lot with her clipboard, putting those fateful green sheets of paper on cars almost every period of every day. These are basically the student version of a parking ticket. One green slip is fine but any more after that and you’re well on your way to meeting with an assistant principal and probably getting campused, or detention. 

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8. Talent Fest Is The Coolest Talent Show… Ever.

Every year the student government puts on a huge talent show called Talent Fest, and it’s no joke. There are emcees that do HILARIOUS skits between every act and there are full length introduction and intermission videos to introduce all of the emcees. Even the acts themselves had to audition, and only a certain amount get in. All of the acts are judged and 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners are awarded. It’s a super entertaining night and tickets sell out pretty much every year. All the money goes to the student government and senior class, and it’s super cool to see and appreciate how many talented kids there are in Vestal. (There are a lot… I’ve gotten 2nd place the past 2 years. *hair flip*-jokes.)


9. You’re Super Smart and You Know It.

Vestal High School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. It has consistently ranked with the best public high schools in New York as well as the nation. Vestal High School is full of hardworking, motivated students who excel in the classroom and go on to do great things in life. Being surrounded by talented peers definitely motivates you to work harder and be better.


10. You Bleed Green And Gold For Life. 

Every Vestal student has tons of pride for their school. From the super strong sports teams, the crazy-talented music and art students, and all of the people who got involved in other ways; Vestal students have it made when it comes to a positive high school experience. I’ll never forget the crazy energy while cheering next to my friends and peers at an intense game, all of the great people I met, and especially all of my amazing teachers. One thing all students can agree on is that Vestal is Bestal. That’s why we all put #VTOD (“v-town or die”) on all of our Insta captions during football or basketball season. Stay Golden, and Go Bears!

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These 10 signs you went to Vestal High School will have you wishing you were 16 again. What are some of your favorite high school memories? Let me know in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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