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20 Signs You Went To Suffern High School

20 Signs You Went To Suffern High School

Being a freshman in college now, I am able to look back at my high school years fondly. Here are 20 signs that you went to Suffern High School.

I loved Suffern. Being a freshman in college now, I am able to look back at my high school years fondly. As I do so, I remember all of the things that make Suffern what it is, from the good (spirit day) to the weird (10:30 AM lunch). Everyone that went to Suffern should be able to relate to these points; here are 20 signs that you went to Suffern High School.

1. Yoga pants, a sweatshirt and a vest were basically your dress code.

Going through the halls of Suffern High, you will inevitiably see a majority of girls wearing this exact outfit. Jeans? Maybe once a week.

2. 95% of girls could be seen with a Bagel Boys coffee in the morning.

Bagel boys is in the perfect location for an easy stop on the way to school and most people took advantage of this. Bagel Boys’ iced coffees have their own signature red straws which makes them easy to spot; trust me you will see them everywhere as soon as you walk through the doors.


3. Everyone went to the hockey games.

Suffern can definitely take pride in its hockey team. Everyone loves to go to the games with its various themes and cheering.

4. Spirit Day was the one day you wanted to be in school.

Hands down the best day of the school year. Everyone wears their class colors and competes for the spirit cup.


5. You always rushed to make it to the front of the senior parking lot line.

The senior parking lot is a hot mess at the end of the day and everyone would sprint to their cars to make it the front of the line.


6. You wanted to be friends with Galvin.

Everyone knows who he is. Be on his good side and he might let you out the back doors before 2:05 to get to the front of parking lot line.


7. You often found yourself running to the side door at 7:25.

Along those same lines….Galvin doesn’t let anyone in the side door closest to the parking lot past 7:25. All the seniors who drove to school will understand this one as I’m sure everyone has experienced sprinting to this door in a desperate attempt to make it and then been denied, having to walk all the way to the front doors of the school. As if you’re not running late enough!

8. The Spring Musical was always amazing.

If you were in it, you hated the exhaustion it put you through (especially tech week/hell week) but the outcome was so worth it. If you’re just watching it, it gets practically sold out and is just an overall amazing production


9. You would eat lunch at 10:30 in the morning.

For a person running on a normal schedule this time would be very weird, but when you wake up at 6:30 AM, you are def starving for lunch by 10:30, and have probably already had a snack in between.


10. You never bought lunch or sat in the cafeteria.

On the same topic of lunch, most people do not sit in the cafeteria; I never did. If you walk through Suffern High School during the lunch period, you are going to be steping over and navigating through a whole sea of people because we sit on the hallway floor for lunch. It may sound weird for an outsider but it was completely normal for us. Everybody has a lunch spot with their friend group on the floor in one of the hallways.

11. You had a morning spot.

Yeah we had morning spots too. For some reason a majorty of the buses liked to get us to school a half hour before school started, so friend groups once again would congregate on the floor. But do not be fooled, this is by no means the same spot as your lunch spot!

12. You never used your locker.

I barely ever used my locker except for the occasional project poster. Some of my friends never used their locker at all, they didn’t even know where it was. Everyone instead just wears their backpack all day, mostly because there is just no way you would have time to go to your locker in between classes, especially if your locker was in the 4th floor art wing!


13. You own a Self-Defense shirt.

Every girl has at least one self defense t-shirt; I definitely have at least 15. Girl’s self-defense with Mr.Biddy, iconic.

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14. You cringed daily at the cheesy morning announcement slogans.

At the end of the morning announcements there was always a cheesy slogan. “Remember to make it count!”

15. You know and love Mr. Gelb.

Everyone knows who this man is, people put his face on a poster to hold up during pep rallys and games! He is the ultimate Suffern cheerleader.

16. Homecoming was not something to be proud of.

Suffern definitely doesn’t have the best rep when it comes to homecoming and for good reason. Lets just say that part of the rumours are that no one comes to school the next Monday cause everyone has mono, nuff said.


17. You questioned the significance of the random traffic light on the ramp.

Yeah there is a random traffic light on the ramp, half the time its not on and no one really knows what its purpose is.

18. You’ve got the rotating schedule down but couldn’t explain it for your life.

Whenever I try to explain to someone Suffern’s rotating schedule I’m met with blank stares. I was terrified myself on how I was going to figure it out my first day freshman year, but you’ve got it down after a week.



19. You secretly love the Suffern Clap.

Rumour is that you should do it if you ever get lost and a fellow sufferner will come to the rescue.

20. You can finish this lyric, “from the east to the west…”.

“Suffern High School is the best!” Mountie pride forever and always.


What are some other signs you went to Suffern High School? Share in the comments below!
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