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20 Signs You Went To San Luis High School

20 Signs You Went To San Luis High School

From the pep-rallies and food fights to weeding your way through couples making out on every locker, here are 20 signs you went to San Luis High School.

From the pep-rallies and food fights to weeding your way through couples making out on every locker, here are 20 signs you went to San Luis High School.

1. You’re used to saying goodbye to your favorite teachers

Every SLHS student has most likely experienced this throughout their high school career. San Luis High School has had amazing teachers in the past, but the small budget that the school runs on prevents them from staying too much. Goodbyes suck, especially if you know other students won’t be lucky enough to have truly dedicated teachers like you did.

2. You’re used to the sound of fire alarms

Everyone liked to think underclassmen were the ones responsible for the unnecessary fire drills. Though it might have been “cool” to interrupt class constantly, it got old pretty fast. Towards the end of the school year, everyone got irritated by it, but whoever liked pulling them never stopped. Sometimes, it would be pulled numerous times a day and nobody liked standing in the heat all day.


3. Nobody bullied the freshmen

Common stereotype of high school, yet I never once saw a freshmen being bullied and thrown into trash can.

4. There were no clear cliques during lunch

Again, another high school stereotype broken by SLHS. You would never see the mean girls or nerds sitting together all the time. Our hispanic culture probably got in the way of that. Also, there was no diversity whatsoever.

5. We had no football team

One of the saddest parts of SLHS. What! No football team? No worries folks, we still had dances and other flagged football events that replaced football season. There was a football team at some point in the school’s history, it just wasn’t good enough to keep it.(too small and poor funding) Still, kind of sad.



6. Spirit assemblies were more like a show

After getting rid of the football team, assemblies stopped happening for a while. However, after they were brought back by the school, they were a big deal. Athletics were a key component as well as performances by the band, dance team, and even the audience!

7. Everyone in the district had low expectations of SLHS

For some reason, the district refused to acknowledged the talent present in the school. It was always a challenge to prove to others how amazing SLHS students were. Proving others wrong was a huge component of being an SLHS student. However, it was a huge motivator to become a better school overall.


8. The boy’s soccer team was the school pride

Getting rid of the football team wasn’t a huge deal because the main source of school spirit were the soccer games. We had a great team every year that got close to winning state championships.

9. You were aware of the SEI Program

Attending a school close to the border with Mexico meant there were many immigrants in the school. New students had to go through the SEI program in order to learn English at a proficient level. The program was so big in the school, it was impossible to not be aware of it.

10. Counselors weren’t helpful at all if you wanted to attend college out of state

Always a struggle for those adventurous students wanting to go out of state. If you needed help with the out of state process, the counselors were not the right source to approach.


11. Food fights during lunch were a thing

Food fights didn’t happen as often as fire alarms. However, they happened once in awhile and they were just like the food fights in movies. Very messy.

12. You looked forward to music on Fridays

School sucked until you walked toward the lunch line on a Friday and heard your jam playing. People weren’t afraid to dance to their favorite music in front of everyone.

13. The dance department was GINORMOUS

Majority of the girls attending SLHS were probably part of it at some point, a few boys as well. It was no surprise when the most excited for a new auditorium were the dancers.


14. Prom tickets were considered expensive

Compared to other schools, they were dirt cheap. $25-$30. Most people thought they were expensive yet they bought them anyway. Logic.

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15. Dress code was always an issue

Having uniforms was arguably a good decision. At least half of the student body didn’t wear the full uniform anyway. Those neon dress code shirts burned your eyes everyday.



16. Nobody liked the school netbooks

They were heavy and low quality. No further reason to dislike them.

17. You had to deal with the cambridge curriculum

You had to do useless work your first 2 years of high school because you were forced to take cambridge courses. Cambridge exams were a pain because they always required WRITTEN explanations, even for math.


18. SOAR period meant FREE period

Nobody did anything in their 30 minute soar period except if you had a strict soar instructor. In that case, you were screwed.

19. There were no snack vending machines for students

Instead of having vending machines, the school made you do extremely long lines to buy a bag of cheetos during lunch. Efficient, right?

20. Couples would make out…. EVERYWHERE

The view was disturbing everywhere you looked during passing period. Nobody was ashamed of making out right in front of their classroom door.

Do you know any other signs you went to San Luis High School? Let us know in the comments below!
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