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19 Signs You Went To Hopkins High School

19 Signs You Went To Hopkins High School

Hopkins High School is a fun high school to attend. Here are some signs you went to HHS & had the time of your life. Hopkins High School always and forever.

Ahhh my days at Hopkins High School are over. Thank goodness? Like many alumni, I like to reminisce and look back on just what did I spend my time doing between those beautiful, gray, cement walls. Whether you go there now, or have recently graduated, here are some reminders of the blissful place we call HHS.

1. You go to Ridgedale Mall and always see every classmate, teacher, best friend, enemy, or acquaintance that you’ve ever went to school with k-12.

2. You are either: constantly annoyed with your Jewish friends talking about his or her AMAZING summers at Herzl camp or: you are constantly annoying your friends talking about your summers at Herzl camp.

3. The mall is the best and worst spot at school.

All your friends are always there, but also EVERYONE else is there too. Oh and you know never try to walk through it when you’re going to class.

4. There’s always like a two-week period where a bunch of fights happen every day and kids record them on their phones and post them on twitter and then get mad when Admin shortens passing time to five minutes.

5. The school spends money on the total wrong things.

Okay I’m sorry if you’d rather have automatic soap dispensers rather than a functioning stall door that locks or even closes, but IDK maybe that’s just me?

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6. Philip Brown is a legacy that will only be remembered by this year’s junior and senior class and nobody ever again.

7. The rock in front of the old gym doors is probably a few inches thicker than what it once was because a night doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t paint it a different color.

8. The pep fests or pep rallies are basically just a talent show.

9. F*** Edina.

10. The football players tweet a lot so that everyone knows that they play football. And they are better than you.

11. There’s a rumor that the school was originally designed to be a prison, but no one has confirmed or denied it.

12. F***Wayzata.

13. Hopkins is famous for two things: one time, a very long time ago, filming a Kmart commercial that no one who goes there now probably knows about. and that one YouTube music video with the girl who went to Hopkins a while ago singing Royals by Lorde.

14. Sneaking any food into the academic wing is now illegal, but there are ways. There are definitely ways.

15. “Closed campus.”

16 *hears siren coming from mall doors* “haha someone’s dumb-ass went out the doors again.”

17. Getting a parking ticket is always just an option because you can easily just go tell the front desk lady some made up story of why you didn’t have it.

18. The cookie recipe is always changing because we have to be “healthy” and it’s SO upsetting.


19. Speaking of food, the lunch line people working are either really excited or really not happy to be there. Oh and that one cashier lady who plays her own music and dances.

If you went to Hopkins High, you know that it was a fine school and okay, I guess I’ll miss some things from it!
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