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15 Signs You Went To Hammond High School

15 Signs You Went To Hammond High School

Hammond High School is an unforgettable school. The high school experience is full of memories and laughs but Hammond High is unique. Here is why HHS rules.
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Whether you’re an alumni looking for  a nostalgic article to share with your fellow golden bears on Facebook, a current student trying to waste time before summer inevitably coming to a close, or an upcoming freshman preparing to take your first strides of many through those doors, here are just 15 signs you went to Hammond High School!

1. The Hammond Bear

Get used to this face because Kyle is the symbol of Hammond High School that is here to stay.


2. King’s Contrivance Village Center

A short walk from Hammond and an even shorter drive. The village center has and continues to be a a great place to escape from school (after 2:15 of course) and hang out with friends or catch a bite to eat.

3.  Rita’s

Another perk of The Village Center is that there’s a Rita’s right around the corner. How else are you supposed to tell it’s the first day of spring without waiting in line for a free Rita’s frozen ice!


4. Loving Ms. Leonard

While it feels like Ms. Leonard has always been here forever, she hasn’t been our principal forever. Many principals have come and gone, but Ms. Marcy Leonard has certainly left her mark.

Will the real Marcy Leonard please stand up!
Will the real Marcy Leonard please stand up!

5. Homecoming/Spirit Week

Hands down the most spirited high school in Howard County (possibly the world). From hallway decorations, Battle of the Classes, or  nights at Cheeburger Cheeburger, Hammond continues to outshine itself every year.

Class of 2017


6. Coach Reid Singing

Spirit week would not be complete without Coach Reid singing Hammond’s version of ‘Empire State of Mind’ during the pep rally.

7.  Lock down

Lock down. Enough said. 


8.  Diversity

Hammond has many things to be proud of, but Golden Bears can always say that their school is proud to be diverse. From race, gender identity, sexuality, and so on, Hammond is the place where people are important.

9. Cohen’s Speech

Hammond students are graced by the wise words of Board of Education member, Larry Cohen. Quotes like “maintain your sense of humor, you’ll always need that” will always remind us of the important things to take away from your time at Hammond.


10. Dance Company

One of the many talents Hammond has to offer is their Dance Company. Lead by Ms. Kuhl, our dancers are always at their A game!

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11. Dancer’s Trip to Disney

For over a decade Hammond Dancers have been flying to Orlando to perform at on Disney stages.


12. Marching Band

Another talent that Hammond has to offer is our marching band lead by Mr. Dunlap. If you’re going to a Hammond football game, one this that is sure not to disappoint is the incredible marching band.

13. Ms. Barlow

Hammond has seen many teachers come and go, but one teacher who seems determined to stay is the one of a kind Ms. Barlow.


14. Mr. HHS

A tradition that (hopefully) will continue at Hammond is Mr. HHS. This annual event showcases what our Hammond Bears have to share… whether we like it or not.

15. Missing Ms. Leonard

We hate to see her go, but we’d wouldn’t be doing the world a favor if we denied anyone the opportunity to meet Ms. Leonard. While she won’t be our principal forever, she’ll always be welcome in Golden Bear County!



Know any other signs you went to Hammond High School?! Let us know!
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