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15 Signs You Went to Half Hollow Hills High School East

15 Signs You Went to Half Hollow Hills High School East

Every high school has the basics, from rusty lockers to the very unsanitary cafeteria tables. These signs make Half Hollow Hills High School East stand out!

Every high school has the basics, from rusty metal lockers to the very unsanitary cafeteria tables. Some schools have certain cheers they shout, or songs that they sing. Others have designated student parking spaces or fully equipped indoor pools. Each high school has things that make it unique, and if you went to Half Hollow Hills High School East these are 15 things that you definitely know.

1. You stared at your reflection in the trophy cases by the gym

Those clear, mirrored metal holders really came in handy when you didn’t have time to check yourself out before you left the house. But you were always very careful not to get caught staring because when you were it was quite awkward.

2. The hallways stunk

For some god forsaken reason that no one ever knew, the hallways always smelt like complete sh*t. It could’ve be a cool, fall day, and the grass could’ve been freshly cut, windows open, and bathrooms squeaky clean; the hallways still smelt like a pig’s pen at the zoo.


3. Wearing white jeans after Labor Day was a huge “no”

If for some reason you did wear white jeans after labor day, you had about ten million friends come up to you and make fun of you. They also took pictures and posted them on social media, just to make sure that you got the point.

4. No AC sucks.

Days over 75 degrees were brutal to say the least. Your thighs would stick to your chair leaving a wet mark when you got up, you learned of those kids who didn’t wear deodorant, and your hair was always in a ponytail by the end of second period.

5. You couldn’t open any doors. Ever.

You would try to open one just a crack, but the lunch lady down the hall would scream at you because god forbid you got some fresh air or took a faster route to your next class.


6. Respect, Responsibility, and Excellence

Ah, the famous school logo. And principals & faculty members made sure that you knew it too. It was posted on every wall, in every hallway from art, all the way down to the language wing.

7. Spicy Chicken Wednesday’s gave you something to look forward to

Waking up Monday mornings were always a drag, but it made it a little easier knowing that Spicy Chicken was only two days away.

8. You got so annoyed when a bathroom monitor told you a different time than what was on your phone

Monitor: “10:42”
Phone: *10:44*
You: Somebody hit me.


9. There library was the land of “No”

No eating, talking, playing games on the computer, leaving until the bell rings, going to the cafeteria, loud noises, pulling over a chair to a full table, walking around, itching, sleeping, or breathing.

10. Walking from art to Spanish was your daily workout

It was a hajj. And for some reason guidance liked to put them right after one another on your schedule. But maybe they weren’t just being cruel…maybe it was their secret way of getting you to exercise.

11. Seniors didn’t know how to drive

The amount of bumps, nicks, and scratches that were formed in that parking lot is just beyond me. Every week there was another story about who hit who and who was going to pay for it.

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12. Being forced to go outside for gym when it’s raining/freezing was torture

Especially when you had gym first period. Your teacher would say something like “I told you we were doing this and to bring a jacket”. But who remembers what your gym teacher said two days ago? Besides, the jacket wouldn’t have matched with your outfit anyway.

13. Going to the Planetarium meant forty minutes of nap time

You were blissfully dreaming while Mr. T went on about ancient stories and made diagrams with his star machines. You always felt kinda bad though, because he really was a good guy.


14. No one ever used those beautiful courtyards

You know the ones near the east office and on the way to lunch? They were so quaint and pretty, and it would’ve been so nice if students and staff were able to enjoy them. However, they were pretty much there just for the aesthetics.

15. The toilets always flooded

You’d take caution walking into bathroom stalls because you knew of the soaking wet floors that were destined to be within them. And if you wore loose pants that dragged on the floors…. well, there was just no way you were getting out of there unharmed.

There are different things that give every school it’s character, and truly make it what it is. Most of the time it’s the little things, but those are the things that you won’t ever forget. Wednesday’s will always be for spicy chicken, and trophy cases will always be for staring. Likewise, Hills East will always be your home, and where it all began, and you will always be a thunderbird at heart.

Did you go to Half Hollow Hills High School East!? Share your experience in the comments below!

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