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10 Signs You Went To College In Chicago

10 Signs You Went To College In Chicago

Going to college in a major city is definitely a unique and adventurous experience. These are some of the signs you went to college in Chicago.
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So you got accepted to one of the colleges in Chicago. Northwestern, DePaul, Loyola, Columbia? Going to college in a city is a truly unique experience because instead of the typical campus setting, it’s a lot more urban. There are different rules and different campuses in the city. Here are some things you probably already know if you go to college in Chicago.

1. You have access to other college’s campuses.

Oh, my library doesn’t have the book I need for a paper and I can’t find it online? Let me just pop up to Northwestern and get it real quick!

2. You are able to explore during your free time.

You can hop on a train with some friends, who also have some free time, and see where the afternoon takes you! There are so many neighborhoods in Chicago, and it’s so much more than the Mag Mile and Navy Pier. So when people visit you, you have cool places to bring them AND you know your way around the city which can seem pretty impressive.



3. You’re broke because of the high taxation rate.

Yes, please tax me, a college student, 10% on these hygiene items that I need.

4. You bring your backpack to the store because of the bag tax.

I get it’s for the environment, which is very important, but now I have no trash bags. Also, I’m terrified this milk is going to bust open and then what will I do?


5. You have very strong feelings about the other Chicago schools.

You’re well aware of the stereotypes of the other schools. But you know that your school is the best and they are all missing out.

6. You have a concert/show budget because there’s so much to see.

There’s all the small concert venues, the comedy shows, the musicals and plays, plus large tours always stop in Chicago. You can’t forget about the music festivals, like Lolla and Riot Fest.

7. Going home and being disappointed (if you’re from a small town).

There’s so much camo, everything is too quiet, and everybody walks too slow. I never thought I’d miss public transportation; I don’t really want to drive, but I have to.


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8. It’s a major city for protests.

If protests are your thing, Chicago has plenty. While it’s important to go to protests even in your home city, there’s just something different about going in Chicago. The crowd is larger and you feel such a strong sense of community.


9. You get notifications about crimes located near campus; but it’s downtown, and unrelated to the school.

At first glance, you get scared that there’s a guy stabbing people on the loose, but you read further and find out that it was downtown, and not school-affiliated. Then you remember you’re in Chicago and it’s not uncommon for that to happen, as terrible as that is.



10. You know you go to school in one of the greatest cities in America.

There’s always so much happening; and while you might get homesick at times, you know that you are out here making memories, and having a different college experience than those who chose a more typical college setting.

These are 10 of the common signs you go to college in Chicago. Can you think of any more? Share in the comments!
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