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12 Signs You Went to Brooklyn Tech

For more than 90 years, Brooklyn Tech has been churning out brilliant aspiring engineers and future leaders in STEM fields, or so they think. People who went to or go to Tech had experiences that no one else in this world can relate to. We’re a separate breed, and we can smell each other from a mile away. These are the 12 Signs you went to Brooklyn Tech!

1. You HATE Stuy

Because you probably didn’t get in, and because everyone thinks they’re better but they just aren’t!

2. You’ve ran into an old dude on train who said, “Back when I went to Tech there were no girls.”

3. You’re a pro at cramped subways because nothing compares to Tech’s elevators.

But hey, you’d go through that and be late to class over taking the stairs.

4. You’ve taken a “history of badminton” written exam during gym.


5. You’ve had “hello” yelled at you by a sassy security guard.

Either you swiped in wrong or your shorts are too short.

6. You are utterly ashamed by your high school mascot.

Fear the Engineers??

7. The only thing you REALLY remember about science is the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

8. You take caution when using back staircases.

You’ve walked in on one too many hookups there back in high school.

See Also

9. You have hundreds of dollars worth of credits at RIT that you were told would transfer but actually don’t.

Thanks, DDP and DE.

10. You chose your career path at the ripe age of 15.

11. You’ve gone to a technical school that has no modern and working technology.

#BrokenTech. ‘Nuf said.

12. You see your high school on the news and your first reaction is “Oh no, not again…”

Do you have any other signs you went to Brooklyn Tech!? Share in the comments below!

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