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20 Signs You Went To An Arts High School

Upon hearing that you attend an arts high school most people assume its like Fame or whatever high school Victoria Justice went to. But, you know the truth. Despite the over-the-top drama and fierce competition, Art School was actually a pretty great time. These are the 20 signs you went to an arts high school!

1. High School Musical is still the best thing that has ever existed (and regularly sung in the cafeteria.)

Periodic outbursts of “We’re All in this together”? Yes please. There is no better excuse to dramatically run around screaming and disrupting everyone.

2. “Piggy-backing off what they said” is a conversation staple.

The dreaded catchphrase of those who will say the exact same thing as the person before them. #FakeDeep.

3. You regularly use “it will help my art” as an excuse with your parents to do sketchy things.

“Where are you going with two jars of mayonnaise and a machete?”

“Mom it’s for my art you wouldn’t understand.”

4. You have a stick-n-poke. Or four. It’s probably a star sign that’s not yours.

I am not a Leo. Why do I have a lion on my ankle, you ask? Can we call it artistic expression?

5. You wear your lack of sleep as a badge of honor.

Staying up till 3 am working on a production because you SUFFER for your art. Who needs sleep? We have Starbucks.

6. Every group picture is a fierce picture.

Sometimes you look cool, sometimes you look like you’re staring directly at the sun, but every time you look artsy.

7. You have lyrics from a musical to correspond with every situation in your life.

When your S.O. broke up with you, you sang “Take Me or Leave Me” from RENT. When Summer Vacay finally rolled around, you cheered “Seize the Day” from Newsies. And you certainly find yourself singing “Don’t Rain On My Parade” from Funny Girl far too much.

8. Sports? What are they? You’re still not sure.

The only ball you’re interested in is the Met Gala.

9. Your graduation cap should be on “Project Runway.”

Walking across that stage on graduation, there is a little extra pep in your step knowing your cap shines brighter than a thousand suns.

10. School dances were a combination of classic trashy teenager stuff and interpretive dancing.

Twerking and Jazz Squares… Twerking Jazz Squares? It’s an interesting paradox.

11. “So you’re double majoring, right?”

No, I’m not. Yes, I understand how hard it is to be an artist. Don’t even get me started.

12. You went all out on school projects.

We’re talking singing, dancing, and lights. Nothing compared to your one act play about Pluto’s dramatic fall from Planet to Dwarf Planet.

13. You have worn fake glasses.

Sorry, but everyone knew they were fake. But, you looked cute!?

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14. You think denim on denim is a good choice.

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

15. Posting on Instagram is an EVENT.

Send it to every group chat. Spend 30 minutes editing it. When you’re rich and famous, you don’t want people seeing some random sepia picture of you.

16. Socks. All the socks.

The Mona Lisa on socks. Bacon on socks. Ducks on socks. All the socks.

17. You curse a lot.

And it’s okay because *real* artists don’t censor themselves. You just tone it down around the ‘rents.

18. The only shoes that exist are apparently Birkenstocks.

And Doc Martins. But, those are only for the Visual Artists.

19. All of your friends are kinda weird.

20. But most importantly, they are all loving goobs and you really couldn’t be happier.

Can you relate to these signs you went to an arts high school!? Share in the comments below!

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