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20 Signs You Went To An All Girls Private School

20 Signs You Went To An All Girls Private School

Who else gets used to constantly being asked if everyone at their school is a lesbian. Keep reading for 20 signs you went to an all girls private school.

We all know the struggle of not knowing how to dress yourself and not being able to spit out a sentence when boys are around. Oh, and don’t forget being constantly asked if everyone at your school is a lesbian. Keep reading for 20 signs that you went to an all girls private school.

 1. You woke up 5 minutes before you had to leave, and went to school looking a little like this.

More than likely still wearing last night’s makeup too.

2. People CONSTANTLY asking if you were a lesbian.

3. You knew not only every student at your school, but also every faculty member and their backstory.

Yes, Mr. Smith, we know about that one time you got drunk in college and got a frat tattoo.


4. You were reprimanded for wearing non-uniform clothing, from sweatshirts to socks.

That Nike swoosh on your socks would get you a referral real fast.

5. The only boys you talked to were from your brother school.

Even though everyone knew they were the worst type of guys.



6. Even though you had to pay to go to school, you still didn’t have air conditioning.

7. No matter how much you say you hated your school, you went all out for spirit week.

8. Your business was EVERYONE’S business, and vice versa.

9. Even though you don’t want to admit it, you created an unbreakable bond with the girls you were forced to be “sisters” with for 4 years.

10. Your student sections were a no-boy zone, and were probably 100 times more rowdy than your brother school’s.

And that one powderpuff football game you played against your rival school got CRAZY.

11. You couldn’t relate when your public school friends told you how bad their school lunches were.

Because you were personal friends with your cook and could put in requests.

12. All of the girls at your school went to your middle school and elementary school.

So you’ve basically had the same group of friends since preschool.


13. Shouting down the hallway for a tampon was not only a daily occurrence.

But was also encouraged.

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14. In fact, you basically have no filter talking about anything since you were allowed to be so open in school.

15. Phones were not allowed, but you became an expert at hiding it and texting underneath your desk.

16. If a boy walked into your school, inevitably someone would point and yell “BOY!” no matter how attractive he was or wasn’t.

It was enjoyable even though you knew it wouldn’t be long until a faculty member found him and kicked him off campus.

17. There was no judgement for a girl changing her clothes in the hallway.

Unless that one creepy male teacher was around.

18. Not shaving your legs for months was a regular occurrence.

19. No one knows how to act when a new girl transfers in.

Because your parents don’t know hers and you don’t know her entire backstory.


20. In the end, your kilt was the comfiest piece of clothing you owned.

And yes, we’ve all slept in it at least once.

Are there any other signs you went to an all girls private school? Let us know in the comments below!
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