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20 Signs You Went To An All Girls Private High School

20 Signs You Went To An All Girls Private High School

Pull out your kilt, scrunchies, and get comfortable, because here are 20 signs that you went to an all girls private high school.

For those who did not attend an all girls private school, our customs and traditions are completely foreign. To us however, messy buns, Nike mid-calves, and looking like trash is all we know! Pull out your kilt, scrunchies, and get comfortable, because here are 20 signs that you went to an all girls private high school.

1. Waking up ten minutes before leaving for school

The braid you had in from last night is today’s hairstyle, as well as the no-make-up-look. Ten minutes is enough time to put on your kilt, grab breakfast, and put on deodorant (if you’re feeling fancy).

2. Having an exceptional boy radar

The smell of cologne triggers instant curiosity in us girls, especially on campus. Every head turns at the slightest detection of Gucci cologne, as well as the voice of a man not employed by our high school.


3. Owning absolutely no clothes

When you wear the same kilt and polo every single day (sometimes even the literal same one), buying clothes seems silly and unnecessary. Until it’s Saturday night and you are debating wearing your Nike mid-calf socks to a party, then you realize how little style and clothing you actually have.


4. Which leads to borrowing everyone else’s clothes

When you attend school with a bunch of girls who are basically your sisters, you are bound to steal an article of clothing from someone at some point – especially when you don’t own any.


5. Constant menstruation

12 months in one year, 70 girls per grade – you do not have to be a math wiz to know that statistically, there is ALWAYS someone on their period or PMS-ing at school. Some best friends even sync up their cycles!

6. Which leads to random, unquestioned tears

If you see your girl crying at the vending machine because there are no more Miss Vickie’s barbecue chips, you do not question it. You simply comfort your grieving pal.

7. Being asked constantly where you meet boys

Now don’t get me wrong, seeing boys is a privilege, but we still see them! Meeting and finding boys isn’t the problem. The problem is finding the motivation to look good enough to go out of our way to see boys.


8. No-shave November

No-Shave November is the holy grail of months, taken very seriously by us girls. Not shaving for an entire month not only becomes a luxury, but a competition.

9. Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week is also an intense week, filled with hilarious costumes, amazing hallway decorations, and grade level competitions that will destroy relationships forever (just kidding).

10. Memorizing the dress codes

Okay, my shoulders, ankles, and boobs aren’t showing. The area around my butt isn’t too tight. There are no cutouts or sheer panels in my clothes. My straps are more than 2 inches thick and my dress reaches past my fingertips. Am I missing anything else or is it socially acceptable for me to walk out of my house now?


11. All white graduation

Finding an appropriate, all white dress for graduation without wearing the same thing as everyone else is virtually impossible.

12. You have joked about becoming a nun, as well as a stripper, throughout high school

Both ends of the spectrum have their pros and cons.

13. Topics of conversation were either boys, food, or puppies

Mostly the latter two. Who doesn’t love sending pictures of Pinterest food and puppies to their friends in class? We all shed a tear during that time of the month while looking at pictures of food. No, I’m not crying, it’s just allergies.



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14. Leftover makeup = interrogation

If you left a swipe of mascara or eyeliner on from the night before, questions will be asked. Where you were, who you saw, and why are you still wearing makeup?


15. P.E. is NOT a joke

It’s understandable that in a gym full of wild, competitive boys, that the girls will take a timid step back and let them battle it out. However, at an all girls school, we ARE the wild, competitive boys. If you do not take this flag football game seriously, I do not want you on my team.

16. “Who is she?” at every formal dance

Don’t get me wrong, you are all beautiful people. But when you see your classmates at homecoming with make up on, hair done up, smelling nice, without a trusty bag of goldfish by her side, you think to yourself, “who is she?”. Not recognizing your friends is completely normal.

17. Scoping out the boys at your brother school

Whether it’s dances or cheering at football games, scoping out the boy scene at your brother school is instinct.


18. Potlucks

A potluck was a straight up holiday, and you better bet that you’d be fasting until that potluck so you can stuff your face with chips, dip, and cookies. You also count on specific people to bring specific items, like if that girl in your chemistry class doesn’t bring her cheesy potatoes, your day will be ruined.

19. The awful yearbook pictures

When you actually look presentable for 2% of your high school career, that makes for some ROUGH yearbook pictures. Shout out to all the yearbook editors who published pictures of us all looking like toes.

20. The brotherhood we share

Some people say it’s a sisterhood, and I agree with that. However, if you’ve ever attended an all girls school, you know how much we act like boys. The burping, farting, bad smells, and swearing all bond us together. Whether it’s a sisterhood or a brotherhood, nothing can break the bonds of four, long years at an all girls private school!

What are some other signs you went to an all girls private high school? Let us know in the comments below!
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