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10 Signs You Went To A Private High School

10 Signs You Went To A Private High School

Private school is a very unique experience and everyone that attended a private high school is sure to agree on these 10 signs.

From kindergarten through my senior year of high school, I only attended small private schools. Despite some of the minor annoyances of attending a private school, I am very thankful for the opportunities that it has opened up in my life. If you attended a private high school, these are some of the signs I think we can all agree on.

1. Plaid Skirts With Knee-High Socks Make You Cringe.

…Or maybe just school uniforms in general, but your parents always reminded you, “at least you don’t have to spend your time picking out what you’re going to wear!”


2. You Know What The “Three Inch” Rule Is.

Imagine how much more rebellious kids would be if keeping your skirt three inches above the knee wasn’t a rule.

3. “Casual Friday” Was Basically A National Holiday.

While it was a dream come true to finally get out of that uncomfortable uniform, sweatpants were NEVER allowed because obviously this causes students to stray from their moral standards.

4. You Were The Star Of At Least Two Sports.

Well, who wasn’t?

5. The Student Parking Lots Closely Resembled Car Dealerships.

If you didn’t have a Mercedes-Benz that was nicer than every teacher’s car, were you even allowed to park in the lot?

6. Your Service Hours Were Mostly Fabricated.

Let’s be honest, we all paid our priest to sign a sheet saying we did 40 hours of intense selfless labor.

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7. No Matter Where You Went, You Were Always Reppin’ The School Logos.

Whether you were spending a Saturday with your friends or heading to church on a Sunday morning, you were always wearing something that reminded people where you went to school.

8. All Of Your Coaches Were Also Your Teachers At One Point.

It was always kinda funny seeing your science teacher trying to teach you how to run the perfect route or perfect your second serve.

9. Speaking Of Teachers… One Of Them Was Probably A Good Friend Of Yours.

10. You Knew Everything About Everyone.

Because most of your classes had a max of 20 people, word spread fast and you always knew everything about everyone in your grade.

If you went to  a private high school, I’m sure you are well aware of these 10 signs. Tell me about your private school experience in the comments below!
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