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10 Signs You Went To A Military School

After my years of military school, and voluntarily attending (I really needed the work ethic and discipline), here are the 10 signs that you went to a military school!

1. Waking up after 0700 is like seeing a unicorn

You are so used to waking up to reveille, going down to BRC, then cleaning your room all before 0700, that the thought of waking up after then, and never having to do that again after four or more years of it, is absolutely foreign.

2. Without the First Sergeant, you are lost

Now that the man is no longer the baseline of discipline, you’ll have no idea if you are doing something right or wrong. You’ll actually have free will, and that scares the crap out your undies. 

3. You will enjoy the pleasures of not having to wear these every single day

No more feeling like your shooting a bondage video, ‘nuff said.

4. Sir and Mamm’ are now a natural reflex

An upside of military school is that all the professors and employers love you, but everyone else thinks you are the largest brown-noser. But hey, whatever helps you keep that GPA up. 

5. You still never put your hands in your pockets

You still maintain the irrational fear of the 1st Sgt. showing up out of totally nowhere and smoking you out while you do four count pushups until he decides he’s bored with your pathetic form. 

6. Grass is still your “Lava is  the ground game”

“BEGIIIAAAANN!” – 1st Sgt.

7. You are in the lecture hall before the professor

 “If you are on time, you are late. If you are 15 minutes early, you are on time.” – Any military member ever. So if you ever attend college, you’ll quickly realize that you are the only other one, besides the try hard ROTC guy in his ACU’s, NWU’s, or whatever the Air Force wears, that arrives 20 minutes early to class.

8. You take friendship way too seriously

You’ve become so accustomed to your roommate being your “Battle Buddy”, that your college roommate thinks your bat-sh*t insane for wanting to take a blood oath of protection your first night. I’m not sure about you, but how else are you supposed to survive the tribulations of Freshman Week without your Battle Buddy?

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9. Everybody’s issues seem so trivial

After embracing the suck for so long, things like “My mom cut me off! OMG!” or “Dude, she broke up with me!” or “Bro, he keeps calling me names!” all seem so stupid.

10. You low key miss it

If you decided to go to a civilian college or take a gap year to piece together whatever human you have left in your system, you’ll miss the structure, the bond, and the traditions your school provided. You realize how easy your life was, that you didn’t have to plan your day out, that you had a consistent alarm clock (whether it be reveille or the 1st Sgt.), and that someone actually gave a crap enough to ensure that you graduated. For that, you are truly thankful, but it is time to start something new.

Can you relate to these signs you went to a military school!? Share in the comments below!

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