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20 Signs You Went To A Catholic School Your Entire Life

20 Signs You Went To A Catholic School Your Entire Life

There are some things that many of us who went to private schools know all too well. Here are signs that you went to a Catholic school your entire life!

Everyone who has attended Catholic school their entire life knows the struggle. Whenever someone asks you where you go or went to school, they automatically think you’re super religious. It was always a struggle on dress down days because having a cute outfit was key. Whether you loved or hated your time attending a Catholic school, these 20 signs are bound to make you feel at least a little nostalgic.

1. You thought that hemming/rolling your skirt above your knees was scandalous.

2. You always tried to sit next to your crush during school masses so that you could shake hands during “Peace be with you.”


3. Your answer to every religion essay had something to do with Jesus’s love.

4. You had to go to confession with your class during Advent and Lent.


5. In fact, you went to confession so much that you and your friends actually planned your “sins” in advance.


6. You only have about 10 cute outfits that you just rotate through because you wear a uniform 5 days a week.

7. Your gym teacher used to be a math teacher and is now also your science teacher.

8. The only thing you learned during Sex Ed was abstinence.


9. The faculty looked down on you if you were that one kid that didn’t attend church every Sunday.

10. You got excited about drinking wine during communion at school masses.

11. You loved when it was gym days because it meant you could finally wear sweats to school.


12. Almost every girl liked the same guy at least once because you only had about 9 boys in the class to pick from.

13. You were brainwashed into thinking that people who went to public school were wild juvenile delinquents.

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14. Having a new kid in class was the most exciting thing that happened all year.

15. You said a prayer at the start of the day, before lunch, and at the end of the day.

16. You were told to “leave enough room for the Holy Spirit” during school dances.


17. You went to school with the same 20 people for over a decade.tumblr_mt3jenrXtj1r752xto1_250

18. Since you’ve known everyone since they were three years old, you know everyone’s middle name, their allergies, and what their grandma looks like.

19. You felt embarrassed going out in public right after school because everyone would stare at you in your uniform.

20. You have an indescribable connection with everyone you went to school with.

Can you think of any more signs you went to a Catholic school? Share in the comments!

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