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20 Signs You Totally Go To SDSU

20 Signs You Totally Go To SDSU

If you are a student at San Diego State University, there's no doubt you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 telltale signs you go to SDSU!

San Diego State is a unique university compared to others around the country. It is full of the most diverse group of students and professors ranging from the surfers, to the Greek community, to the athletes and the activists. If you are a student at SDSU, then you these 20 things will make complete sense to you, too.

1. You have a mini heart attack every time you hear a skateboard.

We all know that feeling we get when you hear the wheels of a skateboard going over cracks behind us, that instant moment of panic not knowing whether to go left, right, speed up, or slow down. You also know the burning hate for a skateboard if you have ever been involved in an accident, but as college students we understand the rush to get to class.

2. You know the music at Oggi’s is always bumping…and random.

Anytime you go into Oggi’s the music variety is always interesting. One minute you’re listening to your dad’s classic oldies and the next it’s heavy metal. The delicious pizzas make the music worth it and can also spark a dance party if you are with your friends. Pizza party!


3. It seems like everyone here is from “The Bay Area” or “OC”.

When someone says they are from OC/ The Bay

9 out of 10 times that you ask someone where they are fun they will say The Bay or Orange County. It seems like everyone is from there so if you are out of state you might feel a little left out, but don’t worry you can find people from all over the world at SDSU.

4. 4th & 5th floors of the lib are like a mini frat party .

No matter what day or what time of the week, the upper floors of the Love library are flooded with guys and girls plastering the Greek alphabet on their t-shirts, laptops and hydroflasks.


5. Can I see your Groupme?

At SDSU a groupme or a text from a frat boy are the golden tickets into a frat party. It is almost always necessary to know someone at the party if you want to get in.

6. Taco Tuesday is a weekly holiday.

Whether you celebrate by going to get Rubio’s 2$ fish tacos in East Commons or hopping on the trolley with friends to Old Town or even stopping by Pancho’s on your way back from tequila Tuesday eatings tacos on Tuesday’s in San Diego is a must. (Suggestions: Tacos El Gordo, Puesto, Taco Surf, Miguels Cocina).

7. Getting the Koala is the most exciting part of your month.

The Koala adds comedy to your terrible Wednesday morning hangover or relieves the anxiety you are having before you Chem 200 exam. No matter what there is always something hilarious to laugh about in the Koala which makes each week edition exciting.



Do I really need to say anything else?

9. You have probably gotten a tattoo or piercing at E.C. Tattoo.

You or one of your best friends for sure have a lip tattoo, a nose ring or some other poor decision from E.C. Tattoo.

10. When it rains it pours.

San Diego is known for its perfect weather, but when it does rain here at SDSU the whole campus seems flooded. Since there are so many hills on the campus rainy days can be a mess.


11. The Open Air Theatre is the best place to last minute catch a concert.

There a large chance you have probably bought tickets to a show the day of because of the awesome venue on campus or at least listened from the grass outside (or even the library while studying.)

12. Farmers Market Thursdays are the BEST.

Unlike other schools every single Thursday of the year there is a farmers market on campus. This farmers market is not just filled fresh produce but has a lot of food vendor with food from all over the world such as African, Asian, Mexican, and so much more.

13. Sitting by the turtle pond is the most relaxing part of your day.

In between classes and during breaks students flood around the turtle pond near Scripps Cottage. You catch people sleeping, drawing, reading and socializing while watching the turtles and the koi swim around.

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14. HEP.

Hepner Hall will be the one thing you see at SDSU every single day and it never gets less pretty. Having classes in Hep makes class much more exciting and was even featured in the film Bring it On. It may have become more of a back drop for Instagram posts but it is still the place to be on campus.

15. You try to avoid walking past the library around lunch hours because of people handing out pamphlets.

It is inevitable to get interrupted on your rush to class if you walk past clubs and activists handing out info about whatever it is they are promoting. While some of the stuff might be completely irrelevant to you sometimes you get a nice bag of free ramen.


16. PB is the place to be…

Everyone from SDSU lives in Pacific Beach senior year, that is the goal at least. But until then when you and your buddies decide to go to the beach its usually PB and you usually see the entire school while you are there. You also know the Board and Brew and Baked Bear are the best places to eat while there.

17. Taking surfing as a class isn’t out of the ordinary.

You can get credit for surfing at SDSU… yup credit! It might only be one but its the perfect opportunity to try out surfing while knocking out some credits. You can also take midnight paddle boarding, wind surfing and other ENS related credits.

18. Half your closet is costumes.

Almost every party at SDSU seems to be themed so your closest is full of cat ears, jerseys, neon socks and whatever else you could throw together for every party. Every weekend at State is Halloween.


19. Plandel has become a part of your vocabulary.

If you have been to a party at state then you are aware that you will be drinking out of a plastic bottle of alcohol. It might be cheap and taste pretty bad but it gets the job done.

20. You know the San Diego State is the best university in the world.

The love SDSU students have for state is one that is universal across the campus. It is the best place on earth to us students and its the people and SD that makes this place so special.

Can you relate to these signs you go to SDSU? Tell us down below!
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