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8 Signs You Take Horoscopes Too Seriously

8 Signs You Take Horoscopes Too Seriously

What's your sign? If you follow astrology, chances are you take it a little bit too seriously. Here are our top 8 signs you need a reality check.

Do you love astrology? Do you think of it as harmless fun or genuinely believe that the movements of celestial bodies influences your life? Check out this list to see if you’re a little too invested in something that has evidence to support it.

1. When you read your horoscopes, you think, “That is SO me!”

The personalities of different signs are so universal they could apply to anyone. You relate to it because it’s basic human traits. The same goes for horoscope predictions, which are written intentionally vaguely.

For example, this Pisces horoscope from “You are likely to find December more dreamlike than any month in recent memory.” The holidays are magical for many people. This could apply to anyone, not just Pisces. If you read horoscopes, you can probably relate to any prediction, not just those for your sign.


2. You have a horoscope tattoo.

If you’re willing to permanently ink an image onto your body, you’re probably deeply invested in the meaning behind it. Maybe a little too invested.

8 Signs You Take Horoscopes Too Seriously

3. You stereotype people based off their signs

“Ugh, she is SUCH a gemini”. Have you noticed that you get annoyed by people who have a certain sign? Maybe you’re focusing on their traits that are consistent with their horoscope and ignoring those that aren’t. Humans have evolved to pick up on patterns. Sometimes we see them where they don’t exist.


4. You won’t date someone who has an “incompatible” sign

Everyone can get a little judgmental when dating, but this is just silly. There’s no scientific evidence behind horoscopes. Why let something as valid as fortune cookies dictate your love life?

8 Signs You Take Horoscopes Too Seriously

5. You’ll probably plan your child’s birthdate based off the zodiac calendar

If a mother gives birth to her child on November 21st, he’ll be a Scorpio. If he’s born a day later, he’ll be a Sagittarius. Does the time and date of a person’s birth really influence their personality more than factors like genetics and environment? The idea of planets and stars controlling human affairs has an appealing mystical aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.


6. When you meet new people, you immediately ask what their signs are

If you do this, you probably think that asking their horoscope will tell you a lot about them and help you get to know them as a person. However, there are over 7 billion people on Earth and each one is so complex and unique. No two people are exactly alike. Can there really only be 12 different personality types for all of humanity?

7. You read the horoscope section of online magazines

Articles like these have titles like “Outfits/date ideas/New Year’s Resolutions” based on your zodiac sign. It’s fun to sort yourself into categories based on your personality. That’s partly why YA novels like Harry Potter and Divergent are so popular; they provide personality-based categories for readers to sort themselves into, which makes the world more relatable.

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If you think of these as quizzes and articles as something to be taken seriously, you need to reevaluate your life.

8. You use essential oils, “healing crystals”, or detoxes.

People are sometimes drawn to the wholesomeness of essential oils and crystals because they’re perceived as more trustworthy than the modern medicine. Science seems too cold, too skeptical and unfeeling. A bottle of pain reliever pills has dozens of ingredients that you can hardly pronounce but lavender oil is simple. Why not use that to fix your headache?

8 Signs You Take Horoscopes Too Seriously


Ask your doctor whether crystals and essential oils will heal your flu or give you more energy. They’ll urge you not to waste your money on them. This isn’t because all doctor wants to cheat you out of your all-natural remedies and have you go to them instead. These forms of “medicine” simply don’t work and relying on them to cure illnesses is dangerous.

If you believe in these pseudosciences, chances are you believe in astrology, too.

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