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10 Signs You Suck At Adulting

10 Signs You Suck At Adulting

10 Signs You Suck At Adulting

All my younger self ever wanted to do was to be an adult. Now that I am one, I know how messed up it is. I once read somewhere “Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane” and I swear every inch of my soul felt that. But I know for sure that I’m not alone in this. Here are 10 signs you will relate to if you also suck at adulting just as much as I do.

1. You hate waking up before 10 and can nap with your eyes open

If sleep is your soulmate, you’re probably mine! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been waking up early your whole teenage life for school, you still hate to wake up early to go to work. Also, you just can’t sit through a two-hour meeting without a 10-minute nap. I know You. Been there, done that.

10 signs you suck at adulting

2. Small talks are a big ‘N-O-no’

I feel adulting should come with a tag – “please don’t small talk me”. It would make life so much easier. If you also have your headphones on all the time just so people don’t come around to make a conversation, you’re there – terribly adulting.

3. You’re ALWAYS broke

Unless your parents are super rich, which I don’t think is normal. Every time your friends make a plan, the first thought that comes in your head is that you’re too broke to go out. If that’s not disastrous adulting, I don’t know what is.

4. You still want your mom to make appointments for you

You don’t mind gossiping for hours with your girlfriends but making calls to book an appointment, well that’s a task in itself. Even board meetings and presentations seem much easier to do. Brb, calling my mom to make my hairdresser’s appointment. If she denies, I’ll be sobbing on my pillow.

5. Potential pets over potential future kids. FOREVER.

You’ve always loved pets. Even when you were 10, a cute dog on the street attracted you more than your five-month-old cousin. If this is still the case, well you’re probably not ready to have kids anytime soon. Hence, 0 mark for adulting right.

10 signs you suck at adulting

6. You suck at eggs. Period.

You can’t bother to check eggs for cracks. You always break or burn one while cooking. You’re always unhappy with the taste. But if someone else is making them for you, then it’s your favourite breakfast option. Well, that tells a lot about adulting.

7. You don’t know how to get your car fixed

Just like you can’t cook eggs right, you don’t know how to fix your car either. Even when the noise it was making gets louder, all you do is sit there and worry about why than actually going to get it fixed. Oh wait, are you calling dad right now? Because, boo yeaaahh!

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8. You buy new clothes only to avoid doing laundry

Yes, I feel ya. Laundry is hard. Collecting all your garments, separating the whites, separating the sensitive ones, putting them into the machine, adding the detergent and the softener, taking out, it just too much work! And I won’t even start how long it takes to fold up all those clothes and set up in the closet. Therefore, the cheat sheet to it is, buying more clothes!! Plus, if you’re not adulting right and that makes you sad, always uplift your mood with some retail therapy.

9. Monday morning or Friday evening, alcohol is your answer to every question

If you secretly wish the dispenser in your cabin is always filled with Vodka instead of water, then it’s a clear sign of you not adulting the way you should. People tell you to drink responsibly, ironically, responsibilities are the reason why you drink!

10. You feel proud of every little achievement

This is because you know you can’t adult, you don’t want to adult, you suck at it but you’re doing anyway. So yeah, a pat on the back is not such a bad idea!

10 signs you suck at adulting

Did we miss any of the “poor adulting” signs you thought should have been included? Tell us in the comments section below!

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