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15 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Everyone has rough patches at work for various reasons. However, if things have been bad for a while with no sign of getting better, it may be time to leave your current job. If you are experiencing these things in your current position, you may want to look for another job elsewhere. So, here are 15 signs you should leave your job.

1. You are constantly unmotivated to go each day

Sure, there will be days where going to work seems dreadful. That said, if you are constantly feeling a sense of dread when you need to go to work, you may want to move onto something more fulfilling. You may feel unmotivated on some days, but when it seems like it is never ending and you cannot find something to motivate you, it is time to move forward. This is definitely one of the signs you should leave your job!

2. You are bored all the time

If you are at a job for most of your day, it should at least be interesting, even if it is not the most fun thing in the world. However, if you are out of ways to keep it interesting, you need to go somewhere that is able to keep your interest and have things be fun. You need and deserve to have fun with what you do for a living.

3.  You are not using your skills to the fullest

It is okay to take a job that does not directly use your skills, especially if you need a summer job or are a recent graduate. However, if you have gone years and are still in a position that does not use the skills you learned in school, you should move to a new job. You deserve to utilize your skills to the fullest, especially if you paid to learn them. This is definitely one of the reasons you should leave your job!

4. Younger and newer people are given more opportunities to grow than you are

Sometimes, newer people have more skills that they acquired at other jobs. If they are being moved up in your company quicker than you are and have more opportunities to grow, you should be hesitant to stay with the company, especially if you have more experience than they do. You need opportunities to grow, and if you feel like you are being held back, move on.

5. You feel unappreciated

You should not feel the need to be praised for every little thing you do, but your employers and coworkers should show some level of appreciation every so often. If you feel like you are not appreciated or are not thanked enough, you should consider leaving. You contribute a lot to your company, and they need to acknowledge it, even beyond a paycheck.

6. You feel left out of work cliques

There will always be cliques at work, no matter what. However, it is not normal to feel like your coworkers are talking about you behind your back or are leaving you out of conversations. Some coworkers may even get together outside of work to hang out and do things. If you are left out of this, you may want to leave to go to a more inclusive and welcoming workplace. This is one of the clear signs you should leave your job.

7. You stop caring about things

In any career, there comes a point where you learn to handle making a mistake. This is in stark contrast to not caring about being fired for making a mistake and not thinking about the consequences of certain actions that you used to consider. Losing the motivation to care about your job is a sure sign that you need to find something new.

8. You are getting bad signals from supervisors or managers

Everyone deals with a bad boss at some point throughout their career. However, if you were once close to a manager and now feel distant or disliked by them, it may be a sign that things are shifting. In another light, if your management is suddenly changing and moving around, you may want to leave before other things change.

9. You have another job lined up

If you have another job lined up already or are even considering looking, you know it is time to leave your current position. You can sense that your time at your current position is up and you know that you deserve better. Just be sure to give your current employer a two-weeks notice that you are leaving and that you leave on professional terms. This is for sure one of the signs you should leave your job.

10. You are feeling physical effects of the job

Emotional effects are listed above, but there may come a point where the emotional exhaustion turns physical. You may feel the effects of stress and anxiety. If your current position is highly physical, you may notice physical things taking a toll on your body.

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11. Your job is interfering with your personal life

It is normal to have to stay late or answer a business-related call, text, or email occasionally outside of the office. However, if you are constantly receiving contact or assignments during off-hours or regularly have to give up plans due to work, you should consider leaving your job. There needs to be a good work-life balance, and if your work is preventing this, it is time to move on.

12. Your work environment is toxic

This is huge. You are not going to like everyone and not everyone is going to like you. If you begin to feel like the people, whether it is a coworker or a client, are acting toxically towards you without approaching you with a reason, you need to get out of there. You deserve better than to be treated like an idiot, which is why this is one of the signs you should leave your job.

13. You feel stuck

It is normal to go through patches where you do not feel like you are advancing as much as you would like. However, even in those circumstances, you can see where growth is possible. If you feel like you are not growing and cannot even see an opportunity for growth in your company, consider going somewhere where there is a chance for advancement in your career.

14. You are actively looking for ways to justify leaving

In other words, if you are reading articles like this one, you want to find a good reason to leave or see if there is a solid reason for you to quit. You do not need to justify to anyone why you are leaving, not even your employer. You know what is best for you and your needs, and that is the only justification you need to leave your current position. If you are trying to find ways to leave, then this is one of the signs you should leave your job.

15. You know you are capable of bigger and better things

If you are working a dead-end cashier job but you know you are capable of being a CEO and are not being offered at least a management job in your company, you deserve to move on. You know where your skills are, and you deserve to use them to accomplish all of your dreams and goals. You deserve to be in a job where you are given a chance to shine.

What are some other signs you should leave your job? Let us know in the comments below!

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