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10 Signs You Should Change Your Major

10 Signs You Should Change Your Major


Statistics show that eighty percent of college students end up changing their majors; many students doing that more than once. Changing your major is completely normal. If you feel that you are having second thoughts, here are 10 signs you should change your major!

1. You chose it for the wrong reasons.

Choosing a major takes time and you need to ask yourself many questions. Will I be able to find a job with this major? Is this major flexible? Will I be able to financially support myself? How many years of school do I need to complete? Finally, will I be happy? I know it’s important to think about how much money you will make, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you choose a major. Some signs you should change your major, like this one, need to be thought out carefully. 

Are you having similar signs you should change your major?

2. You’re envious of your friends.

When you discuss your majors with your friends, do you find yourself feeling jealous? They all seem so excited about their major. It’s easy to see that they truly have a passion for their studies. You wish you felt the same about your major.



3. Not liking the sound of it anymore.

“Let’s go around the room and state your name, your major, and where you’re from.” This will literally be every class on the first week of a semester. You used to be excited about telling everyone you’re major, but now you’re not anymore. You dread having to repeat it over and over again when it just doesn’t feel right. 

4. Researching other majors.

Do you find yourself looking on your school’s website for other majors?  Do you research online on various websites? Researching other majors isn’t a bad thing. You should definitely explore and look at all the options you have.


5. Not looking forward to future classes.

When you look at the complete list of courses required for your major, you find yourself dreading them. If you aren’t completely passionate, you might not put in all your effort, which can be very detrimental to your grades.

6. You can’t picture your current major as your future.

At one point, you pictured this major turning into your career, but not anymore. Whenever someone asks about the future, you’re either scared, confused, or just not looking forward to it.



7. You’ve found something more interesting.

After researching online, you may completely fall in love with another major! We all have different interests, and maybe the major we originally picked just isn’t the one for our career.

8. Thinking about talking to an advisor?

Thinking about talking to an advisor is a smart move. They can offer advice and reassure you that changing your major is normal. You can plan out the course of your college career and discover what courses you need to take if you change your major.


9. You can’t let the idea go.

One huge sign you should change your major is that you can’t let the idea go, no matter how much time passes. At first, you probably thought it was just a phase, but if it’s lasted a semester, you should really take some time to think.

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10. You’re not happy!

College is already hard enough. You might feel homesick or overwhelmed with homework. Not feeling happy with your major can make it even harder. Don’t feel afraid to talk to someone about your feelings. Some of these signs you should change your major shouldn’t be ignored.


No matter what you major in, make sure that you truly have a passion for it! Without passion, you will not give it your all. Finally admitting that you want to change your major will feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders! Although it might seem tough at first, you will adjust. Remember, the most important thing is that you’re happy and love what you’re studying!

Have you noticed any of these signs you should change your major? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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