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Signs You Should Break Up With Him

Signs You Should Break Up With Him

We all know relationships are difficult. Millennials get flak for being the generation that needs instant gratification. Basically they’re saying we don’t know how to stick by our partners when shit gets tough. However, it’s hard to know when you should call it quits or hang in there. People tend to exhaust all possibilities before terminating their relationships, investing time, energy, effort and a great deal of love. The hardest part is coming to terms with the relationship not working. Here’s how to know when its time to break up with him. These signs you should break up with him are very telling!

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They Cheated

While people have their options about cheating, there truly is no excuse for it, especially at this age. It’s quite simple – if they loved you, they wouldn’t have sought satisfaction elsewhere. Although you may love them, setting boundaries for yourself is crucial. By taking this person back you’re accepting their behavior – and truthfully, their behavior won’t change if they see you let it slide. Cheating is the ultimate betrayal. More importantly, it’s paramount you know your self-worth. If you allow others to walk all over you, you’ll attract that sort of behavior. This is rule one of how to know when its time to break up. You know trust is severed and this is a huge one of those signs you should break up with him.

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Double Standards

How to know when its time to break up, rule 2! This could potentially be one of the most frustrating things to tolerate in a relationship. If your partner is giving you grief for something the frequently commit themselves, this shows their controlling demeanor. Relationships are about compromise and give and take. It shouldn’t be one demanding something from the other. This is a big no. If your partner can’t respect you, end the relationship. Again, know your self-worth. Truly, this is one of those signs you should break up with him that is over looked. It’s not allowed.

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They’re Controlling

This goes hand in hand with the previous how to know when its time to break up rule. Controlling behavior can show itself in many forms. Regardless, whatever the form may be, if it’s happening it’s got to stop. You are your own person and can only control yourself. If your partner is telling you what to do, they are overstepping boundaries. That’s their insecurities being portrayed on you. If they are telling you what you can and cannot post on social media, who you hang out with or who you talk to, these are all red flags. This is one of the biggest signs you should break up with him.

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 You Don’t See Your Friends

This is a common problem with relationships in college. If you find yourself rarely seeing your friends, it’s a red flag. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. It is crucial to have your own space and freedom within a relationship. You need to be allowed to be two independent individuals before committing to a relationship. Love shouldn’t be smothering. If you can’t do things without them, there’s insecurity within the relationship. Again, this is a popular one of those signs you should break up with him that is apparent in college. Call it quits.

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Your Friends & Family Dislike Them

Your friends and family have a good handle on who you are and can tell if someone isn’t the right fit. That’s not to say they are always correct, especially since there is a lot that goes on behind closed doors. However, if they aren’t crazy about your significant other, it’s a red flag. I would at least want the person I’m with to get along with the people closest to me. This is one of those signs you should break up with him that doesn’t occur to everyone. You absolutely want his family to like you and vise versa.

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They’re Abusive

To several people this is usually a no brainer but there are several discrete forms of abuse. There is verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Frequently in emotionally abusive relationships, your partner makes you feel as though you are the problem – red flag. Being put down, blamed, lashed out on and controlled are all forms of abuse so don’t disregard them! People generally ask why would you stay in a relationship like that but it’s a lot harder than people would believe. This is one sign of how to know when its time to break up.

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You’re Unhappy

Happiness is key in a relationship – it truly is. If you find yourself more unhappy than happy, it’s time to end the relationship. Stress is unhealthy and constant fighting is too. You owe it to yourself to be happy. Focus on yourself. This is a crucial way of how to know when its time to break up. Listen to what your mind is telling you.

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You Think Of Breaking Up

If this thought has crossed your mind multiple times, it truly is something to take note of. The longer you sit around being unhappy, the harder it will be to let go of the relationship. It’s crucial you remain honest with yourself and your partner. If you already have doubts, chances are things will only get worse. It’s your heart telling you, you are no longer interested in the relationship. This is an important rule of how to know when its time to break up.

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Let us know what you think about how to know when its time to break up in the comments below! Have YOU experiences these signs you should break up with him?

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