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10 Signs You Love Washington D.C. A Little Too Much

10 Signs You Love Washington D.C. A Little Too Much

From the political scene to the food, D.C. will always hold a place in your heart. These are a few signs you love Washington D.C. a little too much.

If you’ve been spending more of your time in Washington D.C. than in any other city, or even your hometown, there’s a high possibility that you really love D.C.  Yes, New York City has jaw-dropping broadway shows, and Los Angeles has fantastic movie premieres and beautiful weather. However, there’s that little something about Washington D.C. that distinguishes it from everywhere else- and you love it! You love the city so much that you’re a bit obsessed with it. From the political scene to the food, D.C. will always be in your heart wherever you go. Here are 10 signs you love Washington D.C. a little too much.

1. You bring up stories about your D.C. adventures around your non D.C. friends.

What happens in D.C. stays in D.C. You probably had some crazy adventures on the streets of D.C. From flash mobbing on Dupont Circle to visiting the monuments at night, you cherish the memories you’ve had in D.C. dearly in your heart. When you constantly tell these to your non-D.C. lover friends, they get tired of listening to you repeat the same story. But hey! What can you do?

2. …And you even compare D.C. to non D.C. cities.

You’ve spent so much time in D.C. that you compare everything around you to D.C.! Am I right? In the back of your mind, you truly know that the coffee shop in your hometown compares nothing to the cute, little coffee shop back in D.C.


3. Brunch is your new best friend.

You own brunch. You live for brunch. Brunch is everything to you. There are brunch places all over D.C. that no one can ignore. Brunch has become a part of your culture that when you go outside D.C., you unconsciously skip breakfast and go for brunch.

4. You know U.S. History off the top of your head.

There are monuments, museums, and memorials all over D.C.; oftentimes, you can go there for free (in fact, you spend most of your free time going to them for free). When you get to go to these things frequently, you pretty much know every fact about the United States from the inside out- and you’re proud of it.


5. You’re always updated with current events.

When in D.C., you know what’s going on in Congress or the events around the world. You can’t hide from the news since you know that everyone around you is talking about current events. In fact, you love the culture of how many people are politically aware and active.

6. You have a list of the best coffee shops around.

D.C. is filled with small and hidden coffee shops. You know which ones have the best coffee and which ones make the best chai lattes, to the point where you have a “go-to” coffee shop.


7. You love the political marches/strikes.

What is the purpose of D.C. if it ain’t political? D.C. is best known for the Women’s march and other civilian strikes due to its close proximity to the U.S. President and Congress. And you must admit, D.C. has some pretty lit marches/strikes that you love seeing or being a part of.

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8. You love the DMV and you proudly associate with the slang.

D.C. is in the heart of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) and shares the DMV culture. The DMV has its own culture unlike any other and you love it. You love being a part of the DMV culture so much that you start “sicing” the slang.


9. You love having the best of both worlds.

There’s a little bit of everything in D.C. You love going to senate/house sessions, exploring the urban city, hiking or running down by the Georgetown waterfront (even sailing on the Georgetown waterfront), visiting museums, touring memorials, going to concerts, and shopping in cute stores. Not only is D.C. the political hub of the nation, but D.C. has so much to offer. Wherever you go, you love having opportunity and adventure at the steps of your feet.

Washington Harbour along the Georgetown waterfront features luxury condominiums, office space, a public boardwalk, restaurants and an ice skating rink

10. It is the only city you love to be in and you can’t think of being anywhere else.

At the end of the day, you know that no city can ever compare to D.C. because it has a plethora of resources. You know that your experiences in D.C. will never change and you’re optimistic to experience even more adventures in D.C.

These are 10 signs you love Washington D.C. a little too much; but that’s alright! Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!
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