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11 Signs You Love Dogs More Than People

11 Signs You Love Dogs More Than People

Our dogs can be our companions, our soulmates, our best friends. If you think you're a dog lover, here are tell tale signs you love dogs more than people.

It’s not hard to love a dog. And for some us, our dogs are our soulmates. (Nothing wrong with that.) If you spend more hours of the day with a dog than a human, chances are, you love dogs more than people. Here are some signs that dogs were made for you:

1. When you barely manage to remember your friends’ and relatives’ birthdays but always throw your dog extravagant birthday parties.

2. When you’re the biggest cheapskate when it comes to giving gifts but will spend millions buying clothes for your dog.


3. When you would rather come home to your dog than to a boyfriend.

4. When you hate all forms of physical contact but are always willing to cuddle your dog.

5. Human babies are meh but even your dog lying down is a melting ice cream of cuteness.


6. If he’s not a dog person, he’s not worth it.

7. When your mom bugs you about grandkids and you convince her to settle for grandpuppies instead.

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8. Getting your hair and nails done is something you always do with your dog and make a day out of it.

9. When you spend hours on social media posting pictures of your dog and watching dog videos.

10. When you won’t even let anyone touch your food but are happy to feed half your meal to your dog.


11. When you trust your dog more than life itself.

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