20 Signs You Live On Long Island

From growing up on the beaches to having a slight obsession with bagels and pizza (because we have the best), these are the signs you live on Long Island!

From growing up on the beaches to having a slight obsession with bagels and pizza (because we have the best), these are the signs you live on Long Island!

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

1. You pronounce it “Lowng” not Long

We all know it, the infamous Long Island accent that drives everyone crazy. If your a true Long Islander, you know it all too well! Just remember: “Couffee” not coffee, “wauder” not water!

 2. You can’t live without a LI bagel to start off your day

Lets face it, we all know there is no competition when it comes to the best bagel. Long Island will have you beat every time!

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

3. Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse!

Don’t be surprised to find everyone’s kid playing lacrosse on Long Island. Lacrosse trumps all other sports here and if your good enough, it’s the easiest way to get a scholarship to college.

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

4. You’ve been to the city more times than you can count

For us, The Big Apple is just a ride on the LIRR away. Probably one of the best things about living on Long Island is you get the luxury of the city coupled with the quaintness of the suburbs. Its the best of both worlds!

5. The Beaches

No one can beat the beaches of Long Island. From West Hampton to Montauk beaches are packed with people. If you’re here during the summer chances are your surfing it up in Montauk or soaking up the sun on Fire Island!

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

6. Everyone’s got a little Italian in them

If you were born and raised on LI, chances are you’ve got a little Italian in you. And if you don’t, you will probably end up marrying someone who does.

7. Get used to all the traffic, it’s everywhere!

In a hurry to get somewhere? Yeah not so fast. Come rush hour, The LIE (Long Island Expressway) is not where you want to be. With 7.5 million people all squished on this narrow Island, the roads can get pretty contested. If you live here your used to this chaos on the roads.

8. Your slightly obsessed with pizza

Like many other things, Long Island has the best pizza, duh! If you live here you already know this and most likely eat pizza at least once a week.

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

9. Late night trips to the local diner

After a long night of partying with your friends, you always somehow end up at your local diner. Nothing better than a greasy burger with fries to top off your night of unhealthy choices!

10. You have plenty of school spirit

Long Islanders take school spirit very seriously. Don’t mess with a Long Island high school student during playoffs! If you live here you know this phenomenon all too well. It’s a battle of the towns here on LI.

11. Everyone knows everyone

Since the island itself really isn’t too big, you find yourself often running into to people you know…ALL THE TIME!

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

12. We like to party hard

No matter where you are on Long Island, people are always down for a good time! Long Islanders take partying seriously, so be ready to keep up with us.

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

13. Once a Long Islander, always a Long Islander

Once you’ve grown up on this great island, it’s almost impossible to leave. Most people tend to come back after college and want to start a family here.

14. Public Schools vs. Private Schools

If you grew up here you know there’s always competition between the public and private schools. We love to hate on both schools and this competition keeps us coming back for more at games.

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15. Mazel Tov!

The amount of bar mitzvahs I’ve attended is unfathomable. By this time I could probably recite the whole Tora. If you live on LI you’ve experienced this.

16. Super Sweet Sixteen

Want to spend the night on the dance floor with your favorite bratty teenager in a pink puffy dress listening to the latest pop music?! Well we have plenty of super sweet sixteens here for you on LI!

17. Are you Suffolk or Nassau?

Suffolk and Nassau are constantly in competition with one another. If your from one county, you most likely can’t stand the other.

18. Long Island Iced Tea

Any deli you walk into your guaranteed the best iced tea. True locals can’t go without it. I mean cmon there’s even a drink named after it!

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

19. Fishing

Duh! I mean after all we live on an island. It only makes sense that almost every long islander can fish, especially those on the north or south shores.

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

20. That good old close-nit family

If your mom is your best friend, you know your from Long Island. Here blood definitely is thicker than water.

20 Signs You Live On Long Island!

Do you have any other signs you live on long island!? Share in the comments below!

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