10 Signs You Like Dogs More Than You Like People

There is nothing quite like puppy love. Here is a list of 10 signs you like dogs more than people (not that we blame you).

There is nothing quite like puppy love, and I mean literal puppy- owner love. Their unconditional love and friendship will have you dedicated to them like no other. Here is a list of 10 signs you like dogs more than people (not that we blame you).

1. You have no problem sharing food with your pup, but with anyone else you aren’t the sharing type.

C’mon find me someone who can turn down puppy eyes.

2. You can’t help making this face every time you spot a dog on the street or when you come home from a long day to see yours.

They’re just so fluffy and happy all the time. People are not.

3. They always have a place to sleep in your bed.

Even if they take over their side and yours, it’s fine. No complaints there.


4. You can spend hours in the pet aisle.

You’re not sure who gets more excited to go.

5. You know exactly what to get your dog for a present, but with anyone else you’re stumped.

You have your dog’s birthday gift picked out months prior, but your friend’s is still on back order a week after their birthday passed. Whoops.

6. You’d rather go for a run with your dog than go alone.

Even if they can outrun you any day, you’d rather take the chance than be alone, or worse- leaving them home alone.

7. You don’t like when stores don’t allow pets inside.


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8. If your dog doesn’t like someone you don’t like that person either.

You’ll always trust when a dog doesn’t like someone.

9. You don’t mind cuddling or getting your face licked 24/7.

So much love, give me all your kisses.

10. Even when your dog does something bad you can’t stay mad at them for long because of the famous puppy face.

Always forgiven.

Do you have any other signs that prove you like dogs more than people? Share your reasons in the comments below!
Featured image source: pinterest.com
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