15 Signs You Left Your Town And Moved To California

You traded in your small town for the golden state. Obviously once you moved to California, all of your dreams will come true just like in the movies, right? Here are 15 signs that you’re clearly becoming a local.

1. You got highlights.

Whether you subtly added a touch of blonde, or you’ve completely bleached your hair, it’s a dead giveaway that you’ve moved on from your hometown once you reinvent yourself. After a break up, a life transition, or a quarter-life crisis, it seems going blonde has become the only option.

This is a major sign you moved to California

2. Juicing.

You hopped off the plane at LAX and suddenly you’re craving a super greens detox juice with a side ginger shot. Who needs to eat vegetables when you can drink them? Duh.

3. Your vocabulary has changed.

Here’s a little key for you:
If you have “hella” of something, you have a lot.
“Huge beach guy,” means someone who really likes the beach.
If you hear someone say they want to “cack,” it just means they want to take a nap.

4. 60 degrees is the new 30 degrees.

You have your cheetah print faux fur coat on, not because of fashion, but because clearly you’ll be shivering if its anything below 75 degrees.

This is a major sign you moved to California

5. You strictly wear ripped jeans.

If you’re still wearing full jeans, you’re getting left in 2017.

6. You put stickers on anything and everything.

Red bubble is favorited on your homepage. How else will people know you watch the office unless Michael Scott is on your new Macbook air?

7. You’re an Instagram model.

The second you moved to California, you started promoting skinny teatox and gained 100 followers.

8. Your eyelashes are more important than your eyesight.

Who cares if you can hardly see? Your eyelashes being 3 inches long is more important, you got extensions.

This is a major sign you moved to California

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9. Raves are love. Raves are life.

You have an entire box filled with every color glitter, who knows when you could be head banging to EDM next?

10. Your aesthetic has become your identity.

Whether you feel your true self is living in clarendon, gigham, or reyes, your artsy feed must match. When you moved to California, your instagram took on a new life too.

11. Avocado toast has become its own food group.

The simplest joy in life now that you moved to California is a gourmet slice of bread with something green squished all over it. Don’t forget a sprinkle of pepper to make it look cute.

This is a major sign you moved to California

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12. Kombucha is the new water.

It doesn’t matter if it tastes like pop rocks poured into a sprite. It has health benefits and whatever probiotics are.

13. Your horoscope has been spot on ever since you packed your bags.

Young capricorn, stop talking to the cute aries. You are not compatible and you never will be.

14. The thought of eating meat makes you gag.

Your go to snack is dried seaweed and sunflower seeds. Organic only please.

15. You find this article #relatable.

When you moved to California, Lauren Conrad became your queen and obviously you guys are long lost sisters.

This is a major sign you moved to California

Well, congratulations on your move to California. If these 15 signs totally describe your life I would say 11/10 you’re a California girl.

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What are some other signs you moved to California? Share in the comments below!
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