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15 Signs You Know You’re Ready To Leave Your Hometown

15 Signs You Know You’re Ready To Leave Your Hometown

The decision to leave your hometown isn't always easy. Who knew there was a great big world out there and we’ve barely scratched the surface exploring it?

The decision to leave your hometown after seventeen years isn’t always easy. Who knew there was a great big world out there and we’ve barely scratched the surface exploring it? We’re young, and we’re ready to get out into the world and find who we are for ourselves. I love my family and my hometown, but I’m ready for a change and for life to start.

1. You’re headed off to college

You just finished high school, now it’s time to go on and study for the career you want! After the past twelve years spent beside the same classmates, it’s time for a change. What’s better than getting that change and also bettering yourself and education? Nothing!


2. Starting a career

College isn’t for everyone. Maybe your new job requires that you move out of town away from your high school buddies and family but that’s okay because you know you’re ready for it!

3. New opportunities

One of the best things about moving away from your hometown is all the opportunities it opens up for you. Even if you’re not moving away for college or a job, good things will find you! This change of scenery is perfect for finding what’s right for you so go out and get all of them.



4. New experiences

Travel, adventure, have fun. You’re young! Discover what the world has to offer and take advantage of it. New experiences are the memories that we hold onto for the rest of our lives so you’re ready to live it up while you can and expose yourself to new things.

5. Learn more about yourself

Who knew you were such a horrible cook or that you can actually dance? Moving to a new town or state could be just the thing to show you who you really are. You finally get to discover who the real you is under all of the identity people from your hometown have been giving you for the past 18 years.


6. Become self-reliant

Leaving your hometown isn’t always easy, and you’re ready for the challenges you may face along the way (the foreseeable ones that is). Along with learning more about yourself, you learn to rely on yourself for menial to crucial things. You’re ready to face the world on your own (with some guidance of course) so get out there!

7. Leave your parents

Now that you’re ready to leave your hometown, you’re also ready to say goodbye to the very people who brought you into that town. It’s bittersweet, now you won’t have them on your case about every little thing but you also won’t have them there for the support you need. This is where you’ll need that self-reliance, but no worries you’re ready to handle it! Your family is only a quick call away.

8. Meet new people

Friends from high school can last a lifetime. But think of the friends you’ll make in your new town while working or studying and all the fun times that will come along with those new friends. Plus think of all the new opportunities that will open up for you!

9. Freedom

The past 18 years of your life your life has been micromanaged by your family. This is why you’re ready to leave your hometown, you parents, your family, and your friends behind. How great will it be when you can wear the same shirt for 3 days and your mom isn’t there to nag you about changing or taking a shower (but you probably should) it’s all the principle that you are finally your own rule maker and follower.

10. Courage

It takes a lot of courage to leave everything you know behind. This is a huge milestone in your life and you’re ready to dive in head first! Take new opportunities and step outside of your comfort zone, or order your food on your own. Who cares whether they are big or little steps in courage or not, you’re the boss, right?

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11. Closer personal connection

Now you rely on yourself for almost everything, mom and dad aren’t there constantly to give you everything you need. This is where you find out who you are and appreciate who you are as a person! You’re ready for some soul searching and seeing what’s right for you so go out and get it.


12. Appreciate your family

Being away from your parents is great. Being away from your annoying siblings is even better. Leaving your pets, not so great. But moving away makes you miss them and their weird habits and all the inside jokes. Video chat is only a few clicks away so no matter how far away you are from home you know you’ll always be connected.  

13. Appreciate your hometown

Just like moving away from your family makes you fonder of them and miss them you’ll grow to appreciate your hometown and all that it gave to you through the years. Now as you’re about to embark on this journey you’re probably being overcome by nostalgia and feel a tinge of sadness that you’ll be leaving this place you once (or many times) called prison.

14. Start over

Who doesn’t want a chance to start all over? You’re moving to a new place by yourself where chances are nobody will really know you. How great is that! No one will know that horrible story from the sophomore year that’s been haunting you ever since and new friends means new memories.

15. Finally, you’re ready to see what life has to offer you

The final days before you leave your hometown are quickly approaching. These are the days you’ve been longing for and couldn’t wait for them to finally be here! It’s time to start your life and to find out what the universe has in store for you. So go out and get that job or pursue your education.Congratulations and good luck to the class of 2017!

Why else would you want to leave your hometown? Let us know down below!
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