15 Signs You Have Already Found Your Soulmate

Finding your soulmate, the one person you are meant to be with for the rest of your life, will always be a life-changing experience. The problem is, sometimes we are so distracted by the affection of others or by the expectations we have about romantic love that we become completely ignorant of who that person really is. So, how do you know if you have already found that one special person? Here are 15 signs that you have already found your soulmate.

1. You can’t seem to get rid of them.

It may seem a little odd that you would ever try to push someone away, especially when trying to find your soulmate, but losing people is simply part of life. Friends, lovers and even family members can become stuck in your past, never to be heard from again.

This isn’t a bad thing. There are people meant to be in your life for short periods of time in order to teach important lessons. This also brings insight into who has been there the longest. If there is someone in your life that has demonstrated their commitment to you, even after dating others, then they might just be your soulmate.

2. You can talk to them about anything.

Whether it’s about the crappy book you just read, the ex-boyfriend that broke your heart, the time you got too drunk or your family problems–this person is all ears. They listen to anything and everything. They never make you feel as if you can’t speak up when you want to. They don’t judge you either.

3. You see their flaws and they see yours without judgment.

It’s not hard to point out someone’s flaws, but your soulmate will make you feel completely accepted despite them. They will be fully aware of your blemishes, your weaknesses and your issues, but they will make you feel as if they are irrelevant. If anything, they help you feel as if those flaws could be a special part of you that makes you into who you are and you will feel the same about them.

4. Your relationship becomes stronger after every argument.

No relationship is perfect, but the one you have with your soulmate will always feel as if it gets better over time. Despite the downfalls and all the disputes you may have had with them, you always find a way to make up. Not only do you make up, but your bond becomes even stronger afterward. You handle your arguments together as learning experiences more than anything else.

5. You never let distance get in the way of your love for them.

You can go days, weeks and maybe even months without seeing them and still feel the same way about them when you finally do. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t talked in a while, you still feel as if they will always be there for you. It doesn’t matter if you have no physical contact, because you trust they will always come back to you. Your relationship doesn’t just disappear when life takes you in different directions. You trust your paths will meet again.

6. You feel a strong, almost spiritual, pull towards them.

You know that they are your soulmate when you desperately need someone and out of the blue, they text you asking if you’re okay. They are on the same wavelength. They can sense when you’re not feeling well. They are always in a similar mood. They run into you at random times, but always when you need them the most. Coincidences don’t happen with soulmates. When there are ongoing signs pointing towards a special person in your life, it means they are meant to be in it.

7. You help each other grow.

The most important aspect of any relationship is that it should help you grow as an individual. You can learn a lot of life lessons from the wrong people, but you will continuously and gradually grow from the right one. Your soulmate will teach you a variety of lessons, from emotional to physical to spiritual. It doesn’t stop. You feel as if this person has a lot to offer in your life and vice versa.

8. You are intimate with each other in the most natural sense.

It doesn’t feel awkward, wrong or depriving to be intimate with this person. When you kiss, hug, or make love–it all feels as if it was meant to happen. Your lips match one another and every move you make with them is as if your souls are intermingling.

9. You are most comfortable around them.

You could be in a room full of strangers, but as long as they are there you feel safe. Your soulmate is the one you turn to when you need sanctuary. You always need to refuel and find alone time after spending too much energy with others, but not with them. They make you feel like you can be yourself.

10. You can sit with them in complete and utter silence.

It’s hard sitting through awkward silences, but with your soulmate it will feel like a treasured moment. You will feel grateful when you are sitting next to this person and are able to just sit, thinking about life and enjoying the moment. This person doesn’t make you feel the need to talk. They make you feel like just your presence will always be enough.

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11. You can be goofy with them.

It seems silly to point out, but we all have an inner child that needs to be let out. It’s with your soulmate that you are able to really indulge in the most embarrassing, yet humorous parts of yourself without feeling the need to push it down. If anything, your soulmate responds with a similar attitude and enjoys the embracement of being goofy once in a while.

12. You have a strong appreciation for their goals in life.

You both are completely aware of what the other wants in life and can appreciate it. Even if your goals don’t exactly line up, you still want to learn about them. You want to listen to their dreams and help them achieve it. They listen to you and offer advice when you need it. Your dreams become theirs and their dreams become yours.

13. You never feel as if your relationship with them is in danger.

We all have times when we feel we have messed up or have hurt someone we love, but your soulmate will never threaten to leave. Your soulmate doesn’t give you ultimatums. They stick by your side, even if they are angry with you. They keep their promises, even when you are slacking on keeping yours.

14. You have the most difficult conversations with them.

You have to go through a lot in life and it seems like this one person is always the one to hear you out when you do. Not only are they always there to listen, but they provide the best feedback as well. You both can talk for hours, without awkward silences. With ease, you can discuss the topics or ideas that may be difficult to bring up during family dinners. It’s always a learning experience when you both indulge in good conversation.

15. You are afraid of admitting that they are the one.

Some people have already found their soulmate and have easily admitted to them being so. They are the lucky ones. For those of you that are still struggling to find theirs, but have been thinking about one particular person while reading this article–maybe it’s time to finally admit it to yourself.

It’s scary to think that there is just one person out there for us, but it’s scarier to have found this person and waste time by not accepting it, simply because you are afraid.

Do you believe you have found your soulmate? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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