15 Definite Signs You Have A Type-A Personality

Do people say you have a type-A personality? Check out our list of the few signs revealing whether or not they might be right.

While it is often joked about, having a type-A personality is a real thing for so many. Even if you knew you were that type in high school, being in college will bring it out even more, especially since your classmates are competitors in your job field. If you have a type-A personality, you will likely relate to most of these signs.

1. You cannot live without your planner and/or calendar

If you have a type-A personality, the odds are you’ll purposely buy planners that you keep in your purse or bag. You write task lists on each day and are not satisfied until each task is complete. You have even been known to have multiple planners for multiple purposes. If you do not write something that needs to be done in your planner, it will not get done.

2. You are constantly working on something

Whether you are studying to ace that test or organizing your club’s next charity event, you are constantly working on something. You very rarely take breaks and others comment on how hardworking you are. You have taking breaks because it makes you feel like you are wasting time and you absolutely hate being bored.

Find out if you have a type-A personality.

3. You always beat yourself up over the smallest mistakes

You are a perfectionist by nature. Therefore, you are constantly beating yourself up over the littlest mistakes. You will feel guilty for days, even though you know that nobody is perfect and everyone messes up. You feel especially terrible if you mess up at work and you feel like every mistake, no matter how small, will lead to you being fired.

4. You never feel satisfied in your accomplishments

If your grades are all A-minuses or above, you will beat yourself up over not getting solid A’s. If you win an award, you look for the next opportunity for an award and wonder why you did not win more. Graduation means nothing to you if you do not have some sort of chord hanging around your neck. You will constantly be searching for your next accomplishment.

Find out if you have a type-A personality.

5. You hate days off

Having days off makes you feel like you are being unproductive. You fill your days off with errands and tasks around the house that you have been meaning to catch up on. You never use your days off to sit around doing nothing like most do, and you do not understand those who can do so. Even on days off, you are constantly on the go.

6. You work through sickness

Going off hating days off, you will go to work, even if you are sick. If you do decide to stay home, you are one who will ask your boss for remote work so you can stay on top of everything that needs to get done. You very rarely get sick, but when you do, it is likely due to the amount of stress you put on yourself to do a lot.

Find out if you have a type-A personality.

7. Taking a day off is very unlike you

If you do decide that you do need a day off, people are flat-out shocked and know something is definitely up. You only take a day off if you are so sick you are unable to function or need a day to catch up and de-stress. Either way, people will constantly check in on you throughout the day because they are concerned about you.

8. You have eaten lunch while working at your desk

Even if you are given a lunch break, you are often seen eating at your desk, getting extra work done. You have turned down going out to lunch with coworkers in order to stay up-to-date with tasks, especially if you have to leave the office early for an appointment or get ahead in order to take a day off in the future.

Find out if you have a type-A personality.

9. You have mastered the art of multitasking

You have been known to do a million things at once. Older people have criticized you for having multiple screens going and accused you of not paying attention to the TV as you are working on your computer. However, you know that you are capable of doing multiple things at a time and know that it is crucial for staying on top of things.

10. You utilize every second of wait time

As much as you hate waiting in line or experiencing delays, you always find a way to have them be productive. If you commute, you use that time to read emails on your phone so you know what the day has in store. When you have a doctor’s appointment, you are making to-do lists and are planning out the rest of your week.

Find out if you have a type-A personality.

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11. Delays are the bane of your existence

Even though you find ways to make the best of them, delays are forever the bane of your existence. Because of your type-A personality, you are someone who has the day planned down to the second, and any delay of any kind throws everything off. You have learned to be a bit more flexible, but you are forever a work in progress in this particular area.

12. People know you as an overachiever

People constantly call you an overachiever, perfectionist, and workaholic, and you could not be prouder of these titles. You love being busy and working hard and having people acknowledge all that you do is so rewarding. You care about everything you do and love what you do, but it can be draining. Others’ admiration goes a long way.

Find out if you have a type-A personality.

13.  You do not understand how people have unread emails or messages

You have friends or family who have shown you emails, texts, and messages and your eyes constantly look to see if they have unread emails, messages, or other notifications. As someone who reads emails every two seconds or deletes unnecessary emails, you can never understand how people can have hundreds, or even thousands, or unread messages in their mailbox.

14.  You have a hard time falling asleep

Having a type-A personality means you constantly have a million things going through your brain, so your sleep is often lacking. You are always thinking of things that need to be done, and you find yourself feeling guilty about going to sleep without accomplishing more things that you want to. You hate leaving things undone, but you know you need sleep.

Find out if you have a type-A personality.

15. You hate being stuck behind slow walkers

Whether it is in the hallway or on a city sidewalk, you hate being stuck behind people walking super slow. It is even worse when a huge group of slow walkers is taking up the entire walkway, preventing faster walkers from passing them. You have places to go, things to do, and people to see. Tourists in your city annoy you the most as they stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures or selfies.

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