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10 Signs You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Frat Boys

10 Signs You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Frat Boys

10 Signs You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Frat Boys
Frat Boy: a young man who behaves in a boisterous or foolish manner considered typical of members of some college fraternities.”

Well, this is the definition given on Google, but we all know that there’s a lot more to them than just ‘boisterous’ and ‘foolish.’ Every other girl seems to fall head-over-heels with these stereotypical beer-drinking alpha males, but what is it about them that is so endearing?

1. They’re obnoxiously good looking together.

Mostly called the ‘Cheerleader Effect’, these guys tend to look very attractive in a group, which immediately gets people talking. While shotgunning beers and wearing tank tops in the winter doesn’t seem too appealing, they definitely grab your attention.



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2. Every dad instantly dislikes them.

The thought of their daughters falling in love with a frat douche-bag terrifies them because, along with the boy, comes the stereotypical underage drinking and drugs, which is every dad’s nightmare.

3. Frat Boys = Fuckboys.

There is not a moment where a frat boys DM’s are not flooded with girls hoping for a text back. They realize it, and use it to their maximum advantage. When they have their sights on one, they’re already juggling around with five other hopeful girls. And yet, we never stop giving them a chance.



4. They always keep you entertained, no matter what.

Hunky, hilarious boys who go above and beyond to impress you and make you happy- it might be through grand gestures or even weird funny faces. They’re probably the absolute best at Netflix and chill 😉 From socials to parties to formal balls, get you a frat boy and you’re guaranteed a great time out.


5. Most of them love women. They make sure to show off their love too!

A true fratboy knows how to respect women. They go above and beyond to balance their chill-to-pull ratio. With these great statistics, nothing can ever go wrong, can it? They look out for their bros, and this shows that frat boys are the true living example of the great spirit of brotherhood.


6. Their impeccable sense of style.

Although the stereotypical fratboy is often ridiculed to have a wardrobe either full of tank tops or polo shirts, and although girls don’t frequently admit it, we love the tank tops and just so you know, they showcase those muscles perfectly. Hence, we have no complaints. 🙂

7. They host THE MOST LIT parties.

Highlighter party? Toga party? Halloween party? Frat houses are the hub for the best parties in town. The more reckless it is, the more attractive. Fraternities pride themselves on holding parties similar to Project X. But who can blame them? Frat parties can only result in good outcomes- get laid or go home drunk-happy. Well that’s unless you get arrested, but let’s not talk about that.

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8. The overwhelming need to prove their masculinity.

Who would have ever known one drunken individual can cause an ERUPTION of fights. An accidental bump on the shoulder often results in a punch, square in the face. Notice how animals have various types of auditory communication, such as the mating call and the alarm call? Yeah, I’d like to call this the ‘Frat bro territorial call’ where one bro summons his fellow brothers and proceeds to escalate the fight into new levels. This is the shit that should be documented and broadcast for the world to see. Oh wait! We have WorldstarHipHop for that!


9. Alcohol poisoning? What’s that?

How To Get Hammered 101: Be a frat bro. If you’re a frat bro, chances are that you’ve been hazed and forced to drink too much. And for the girls who attend the parties, watch out for the jungle juice. Also, the unofficial rule of a frat party is that one drink leads to another….and another……and another.


10. Their sense of pride and brotherhood.

“We’re not a frat, we’re a fraternity. Would you call your country a c*nt?” -Jimmy Tatro (FratGod). In the end, everyone is fascinated by their love and respect for each other (except hell week, we forget about that) and how they have each others’ backs no matter what. It’s quite a sight.

Fraternities are an essential part of college life, they are the life of every university.

This article is not meant to be taken too seriously. And while I have merely pointed out a few stereotypes, there are plenty of frat boys that are truly respectful and fun to be around!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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