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10 Signs You Have A Big Family

10 Signs You Have A Big Family

Here are 10 signs you have a big family. If you have a lot of siblings these will ring true no matter what. Check out these 10 signs of having a big family.

If you are apart of a large family, these 10 things will ring true. Being apart of a big family can get hectic but you truly wouldn’t have it any other way. Your family might drive you crazy at times but that’s to be expected. You’ll never forget your older siblings ragging on you. Check out these 10 signs you have a big family.

1. You grab as much food as you can before everyone else eats it all.

Stock up like a squirrel in hibernation.

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2. Nothing is private.

Gossiping is an Olympic sport in your family.

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3. Your phone is always blowing up with family group chats.

Big families gotta keep in touch!


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4. Getting peace and quiet is a rare occasion.

Being alone is a gift from the gods.

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5. Holidays are super extra.

A low-key Thanksgiving is simply unheard of!

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6. You speak at a high volume at all times.

Only the loudest conversation wins!


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7. Reunions are a national event for your family.

And they seemingly go on for years.

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8. Being on time is unheard of.

Herding the whole gang into the car for an event is an event in itself!

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9. Seating is always limited.

You’ve gotten used to being squished.

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10. You love em’.

Although big families have their quirks, you wouldn’t give them up for anything!


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Let us know what you think about these signs you have a big family in the comments below! You know having a big family is fun which is why you wouldn’t change it for the world. Although they can drive you crazy at times, there’s nothing better then family bonding. They are your best friends for the rest of your life and always have your back. Gotta love them!
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