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15 Signs You Had A Tumblr

15 Signs You Had A Tumblr

A Tumblr definitely wasn’t like other social media accounts. Having a Tumblr was dedication. Even if you have grown out of your blogging days here are a few traits that you definitely can’t forget about.

1. You Know What Fandoms Are

Odds are you know who a Whovian is and you definitely may have been one. Being on Tumblr meant being exposed to diehard fans, especially the holy trinity of Sherlock, Supernatural and Doctor Who.

15 Signs You Had A Tumblr

2. Fandoms Are Very Personal

Tumblr allowed you to connect with people with similar interests all around the world. What you were a fan of defined how you on Tumblr.


15 Signs You Had A Tumblr

3. You Are Terrified Of Spoilers

Speaking of fandoms, if you ever happened to miss an episode of your favorite show you definitely couldn’t go on Tumblr. The minute a show aired fans were ready with gifs, memes and commentary. 

4. You Know Coding

Now this one is a rarity but there definitely were people out there who learned how to code to customize their Tumblr. For some of us we were happy with the pre-made layouts but props to those creators out there who went the extra mile.

5. You Take Categorizing Seriously

Nothing was a bigger offense than someone tagging a post incorrectly. Making sure everything was labeled correctly was the difference between you finding that awesome David Tennant fan-art and losing it to the abyss of your dashboard.


6. You Knew The Pain of Reaching Your Daily Post Limit

Unless you plan on Tweeting more than 2400 times a day you aren’t going to reach a post limit. Tumblr on the other hand restricted you to 250 posts a day. It may sound large but to a 16-year-old who just watched Sherlock jump off a building you can bet 250 is not enough to express your emotions. 

7. You Know How To Commit To A Theme

Forget Instagram, curating the perfect Tumblr took time and dedication. It took skill to be someone with a B&W blog and refuse to repost anything with color, no matter how pretty a picture may be.

Signs that you had a Tumblr growing up

8. You Use Gifs In Daily Conversations

Gifs were the pride and joy of Tumblr. They allowed people to truly express their emotions through the movements of your favorite characters. Nothing says panic quite like Michael Scott realizing “it’s happening”.


9. Your Keyboard Hates You

Key smashing was definitely another way to express your distress over the most recent development on Supernatural. Typing out “fdsjfiwoa;e” made sure all your followers know just how upset you are.

10. You Know What Shipping Means

Oh shipping, nothing felt better than watching your OTP or one true pairing end up together. And nothing broke your heart more than realizing that ship has sailed.

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15 Signs You Had A Tumblr


11. Anonymous Asks Were Great or a Nightmare

Tumblr really didn’t have a messaging system for a long time and the best way was to send fan mail to each other. Which worked fine unless you chose to keep your anon ability on and your friends bombarded you anonymously with questions, comments or random thoughts.

12. The Pain of a Noteless Selfie

Discovering your perfectly shot selfie had no likes or rebloggs stung a lot more than your random thought post getting no response. 

13. Knowing What NSFW Meant 

A NSFW or not safe for work post was probably your first experience with porn. Some were tasteful, black and white gifs. But most of them were really aggressive penetration gifs that your 17-year-old eyes just can’t unsee.

14. The Importance Of Secrecy 

Keeping your Tumblr a secret from family and friends was part of its allure. You never felt compelled to expose who you really were online. Those few friends who you actually told probably meant more to you than most people ever did.


15. Internet Friends

Tumblr was a great place to do almost exactly what your parents didn’t want you to do, meet strangers on the internet. For the most part your mutuals were actual teens who just loved Taylor Swift as much as you did. Nothing was quite as special than when you finally got to meet them and had a massive hug in an airport. As specific as that is if you had a Tumblr you may have had that experience.

15 Signs You Had A Tumblr

What else reminds you of having a Tumblr? Let us know in the comments below!

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