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20 Signs You Grew Up With Asian Parents

20 Signs You Grew Up With Asian Parents

All parents have those special quirks that can get on your last nerves but Asian parents definitely have unique antics that just can’t be compared. Here are 20 signs you grew up with Asian parents!

1. Bowing to adults is programmed in you that when the adult isn’t Asian you are confused how to greet them

It seems rude not to but just feels wrong.


2. Taking off your shoes whenever you enter a house

How does wearing shoes inside even make sense?!?


3. Having a cabinet filled with plastic bags is totally necessary

Even though you don’t think you’ll need them, you always do.

4. The proudest moment is when you find the best deal at a store

50% off slightly expired tuna cans? I’m there!


5. Parents always compare you to your friends on EVERYTHING

Jessica has a 5.0 AND plays 4 instruments. Why you no like Jessica?

6. You learned how to play piano or violin at a young age. No matter what.


7. Family parties have never ending questions about school, grades, and what you’ll do in the future (even though you’re only in junior high)


8. The food portions are always big enough to feed 10 people when only you and your parents are eating

Mom: We’re eating beef broth and rice.

Me: But we ate that the last 2 days.

Mom: Good, that means we only eat for 5 more days.

9. Inviting guests over to your house means extreme house makeover Asian edition

asian 6

10. Bowing during the holidays is the easiest way to earn a few extra bucks

At the end of the day you probably have back pains from bowing and the stack of cash you got in your pocket. It’s worth it.

 taylor swift tutorial bow tutorials bow down GIF

11. Your closet may be full of knock off brands that are of the highest quality

You wonder how your mom has the money to buy all these expensive brands until you see the Puma logo with the word “Tuna”.


12. Eating a meal without rice or side dishes was not allowed

There was never a Taco Tuesday.


13. The doctor, dentist, or any other specialist you go to your parents knew beforehand so you can get a special discount.

My cousin’s uncle’s friend’s brother is my orthodontist.

14. Even if you have pneumonia, you have to go to school

Your parents never missed a day of school so why should you?


15. They ask you how to say a word in English and then it turns into a raging fight


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16. Taking the butter and bread appetizers at restaurants

If it’s free then why can’t I take ten??

17. Eating the weirdest (possibly disgusting) food

Yes. Those are chicken feet.


18. Adults always fight over who gets to pay for the bill

Just hide under the table when the tug of war starts and it will be over soon.


19. Always comparing America to the motherland

Dad: You know in Korea we had to walk over a mountain to get to school. And a river. And a rain forest.



20. Even though no one else can understand your parents’ accents and mannerisms, you wouldn’t change them for anything.



Can you relate to growing up with Asian parents!? Share in the comments below!

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