15 Signs You Grew Up In The Region

Growing up in a small town has its ups and downs.  Growing up a ‘Region Rat’ however, is something special.  Here are 15 signs you definitely grew up in The Region.

1. Halfway Getting Away With “I’m From Chicago”

Because it’s easier than explaining it this way: The Region is a cluster of small towns in Northwest Indiana near the border of Illinois. It’s only a 45 minute drive to Chicago without traffic.

2. Attending A House Party Every Other Weekend In High School

You were the Bees Knees in High School if you threw a house party, and the parties that get busted always tend to go down in Region history.

3. The Local McDonald’s Was A Hangout Spot

Meeting up at McDonald’s after a high school football game because there’s nowhere else to go.  Did anyone even order food? All I know is it was always the place to be.

4. El Amigo Is Your Go-To Place For Mexican Food

El Amigo is always so busy raking in orders (usually after drunken nights out) that they recently decided to move to a larger location.  Good luck getting your order in on the first call.

5. Hitting Up Wells Beach At Least Twice In The Summer

Wells Beach is a MUST if you’re a true region rat.  The hardest part about the annual beach trip: picking who will be the designated driver.

6. You See At Least 2 People You Know Every Time You Grocery Shop

Because everyone knows everyone.  You can’t escape it. Whether it’s a neighbor, an old high school acquaintance or a nemesis… you can count on it, my friend.

7. Drinking In Someone’s Garage Or Basement Because There’s Nothing Else To Do

Garage and basement hangout have always been essential to being a region rat, and it always seems that the five people you invited over turns into 20.  Word travels fast around here.

8. You’ve Dreamed About Moving And Getting Out For Good At Least Once

Small-towners with big dreams. No matter how much you really love The Region at the end of the day, you’re lying if you say you’ve never felt suffocated or held back.

9. Turning 21 Has Slightly No Effect On You

Let’s be real here… you’ve probably been drinking since you were a freshman in high school… you know, trying to drink the boredom away.

10. The Bars During Thanksgiving Break Is A Damn Near High School Reunion

Your Ex…their ex…that one random hookup…your enemies…. yep… they’ll all be there.  You can try and tell yourself you won’t blackout, but these encounters alone will make you want to drink until you don’t feel painfully uncomfortable anymore.

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11. Corn On The Cob Is A Summer Barbecue Staple

Whether it’s on the grill or boiled on the stove… not much can beat summer corn on the cob.  After all, corn IS Indiana’s state crop.

12. You’ve Had At Least 5 Snow Days In Your Lifetime

There is a catch though… school only gets canceled if there’s more than 5 inches of snow on the ground and it’s falling faster than it can be plowed.  A little black ice? Temperatures below freezing? School is in session my fellow Hoosiers.

13. You Praise ‘Round The Clock’s Lemon Rice Soup

The perfect remedy for…well…anything.  Pair it with bread rolls and you’ll be in Region heaven.

14. You Told Someone Your Business Yesterday And Know The Whole Town Knows

Word travels fast when there’s not much else to do but gossip about everyone’s lives.

15. You Live For Lake County Fair Food In The Summer

Fried EVERYTHING. Funnel cakes, cheese fries, elephant ears, corn dogs and more.  Pick your poison.

If most of these 15 signs you grew up in The Region doesn’t convince you, well you’re lying to yourself.  It isn’t easy to hide who you really are…and if you’re a ‘Region Rat’, don’t even try. Embrace it.
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