20 Signs You Grew Up In Texas

A lot of my friends have asked me some odd questions about me being Texan or southern while I've been at college, so here are 20 signs you grew up in Texas.

I am absolutely ecstatic to be starting school at Florida State University this summer. A lot of my friends have asked me some odd questions about me being Texan or southern, so here are 20 signs you grew up in Texas, the great Lone Star State.

1. You grew up as either a Longhorn or an Aggie.

Lord help your soul if one parent went to the  University of Texas and the other went to A&M.


2.  “Y’all” was your first pronoun.

In Texas, we address pretty much everyone as “y’all” but a single person. Two to three people  is “y’all.” Three or more people is “all of y’all” or “all y’all”, depending what region of the Lone Star State you hail from.

3. You took bluebonnet pictures as a baby. And you probably still do.

Ahh yes. The beautiful state flower, the Texas bluebonnet, blooms in the midst of spring, and when it does, Texans pull out their fancy cameras and place their family (of all ages) into the beautiful (but very itchy!!) fields of flowers.



4. Friday Night Lights are just as important as college football and NFL.

It is commonly, and accurately, noted that football is the second religion of Texas.

5. Chips and queso are more than just an appetizer.

It isn’t unusual to head to a Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant (Chuy’s!!) and be full by the time the waiter is ready to take your order. The best is when they  bring you out hot tortilla chips freshly made with cold salsa and spicy queso. YUM!


6. Chick-fil-A is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can get the chicken biscuits for breakfast, nuggets for lunch, and a salad or sandwich (or nuggets again!) for dinner. On any given day, prepare for a wraparound line at the drive-thru, but Saturdays are especially packed. Eat more chicken.

7. You were probably a cheerleader or football player growing up (or still are).

Ah yes. Remember those teen flicks we used to watch as children where the football players and cheerleaders dated and ran the social scene? That’s real life in Texas.

8. Southern hospitality comes as natural as breathing to you.

Of course not everyone is nice, but in Texas, being polite and kind is taught and enforced from a young age. Taking simple trip to the grocery store can result in you making a lifelong friend! Smiling at strangers is the norm. Inviting people over and opening your home to others (and accepting invitations) is typical. Texans are a friendly breed!


9. You understand the plethora of meanings of “bless your heart”.

This popular and time old phrase can mean a multitude of things. It can mean anything from “I am wishing you good will” to “you are an idiot” to “I hate you, but I am trying to be polite” to “I hope you are well soon”. Make sure you know which context a person is using it in!!

10. There is at least one Texas store in your area.

While you’d think these stores would attract more tourists than native Texans, a lot of the times you’re liable to find a native shopping in a Texas store just because…well..who doesn’t love Texas!


11. Buc-ee’s is your go-to gas station for road trips.

This is no ordinary gas station. Inside, you’ll find a mini Mall of America. There’s a clothing section, food, an eating area, a tourist shop, and the cleanest/prettiest gas station bathrooms in the country. Outside is an adorable beaver that’s a common picture taking spot.

12. You’ve been accused of having an “accent” that you nor anyone in your family can detect.

It isn’t just out of state people who poke fun at the slight southern drawl Texans speak with. There are people with essentially no accent at all as well as people with a really deep accent. It all depends on what part of Texas you’re from.

13. Sweet Tea is everywhere you go and in everyone’s house.

In fact, when you go to a restaurant, most people just ask for “tea” and it’s understood that sweet tea is what they want. If you’re lookin’ for unsweetened tea or anything else besides sweet tea, make sure you specify.


14. You were in love with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as a little boy and you dreamt of being one as a little girl.

Being from Dallas, I always dreamt of being one. I dressed up in costumes, got to meet them during a cheer competition, and even bought Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbies. When you’re from Texas, especially Dallas, those girls are dream girls.

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15. You know someone who goes to UT, A&M, Baylor, TCU.

Whether it was your papa, nana, mother, older sister, cousin, or best friend, you know people who go to these four nationally known universities. (Ironically I’m a legacy for A&M and got a full ride to Baylor but I still  chose FSU…Go Noles!!!)


16. You probably either dress like a Vineyard Vines model…or like a modern day cowboy.

Despite everyone’s preconceived notion that all Texans are the same…we aren’t. Some choose more of the preppy, southern classic style. Others opt for a country, redneck look.

17. You get asked from your out of state friends if you ride horses to school.

Unfortunately, because of the way media portrays Texas, lots of people aren’t aware that we drive..cars (gasp!!) to get to point A or point B.  (These Texas Edition trucks are popular!)


18. Monograms. Monograms. Monograms.

Anything is up for being monogrammed! Yeti cups, notebooks, tote bags, and cars are a few of the things you can find monogrammed here.


19. You understand that Texas heat is no joke…but you’re used to it.

Last summer, my city had a heat index of 112 degrees. As kids, we used to fry eggs and bake cookies (kinda gross thinking back..) on the cement outside. Texas. Gets. Hot.


20. Blue Bell ice cream is a comfort you grew up on just can’t give up.

During health scare a couple of years back when Blue Bell was temporarily off the market, it rained everyday for almost a month all over Texas. We joked that it was God’s angels crying because of the lack of Blue Bell. Seriously, try some Blue Bell if you haven’t.

What are some other signs that you grew up in Texas? Share in the comments below!
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