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20 Signs You Grew Up In Sunny Florida

20 Signs You Grew Up In Sunny Florida

Growing up where people vacation, Floridians sure have a unique lifestyle. These are 20 funny signs you grew up in the sunshine state of Florida.

There is nothing quite like spending your childhood growing up in the sunshine state. Floridians are a different breed of people and truly do believe that salt water and sunshine will heal all wounds. Whether it’s the white sandy beaches, or the mouth-watering Pub subs, Florida is a state like no other. We live where you vacation. Here are 20 signs you grew up in this sunny state.

1. Your Go-To Shoes Are Flip Flops.

You’re always wearing flip flops, no matter the time of the year. And if you’re not wearing flip flops,  you’re barefoot.

 2. The Football Team You Cheer For Determines Who You’re Friends With.

House divided? No such thing. You are either one or the other. The Florida vs Florida State rivalry is so intense it divides friends and family. This is not a subject you want to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner.


 3. Instead Of Snow Days, You Have Hurricane Days.

What is a snow day anyway?


4. Along With Hurricane Days Come Hurricane Parties.

What else would you do when your whole town is shut down? Party at my house.

5. You Don’t Go Outside If The Temperature Is Under 60 Degrees.

Under 60? Too cold to go out. But if you do, you bundle up like there is going to be a blizzard.

6. The Only White Christmas You’ve Experienced Is The White Sandy Beaches.

White Christmas? You mean at the beach? Because what’s a better way to spend Christmas than going to the beach?


7. You Know Not To Touch The Metal Part Of The Seat Belt In The Summer.

Unless you want a third degree burn, you don’t touch the seat belt when its hot outside. Which is basically year round.

8. You Own More Bathing Suits Than You Do Jackets.

You have drawers stuffed with bathing suits but only a handful of winter clothes. It’s not a bad problem to have.


 9. You Know 1-4 Is A Danger Zone.

No one wants to mess with 1-4, especially around the holidays. Unless you want to catch up sitting on your phone in traffic.

 10. Seeing An Alligator On The Side Of The Road Is Normal.

Six foot alligator? No big deal.


11. You Aren’t Afraid To Leave Your House During A Storm.

It’s raining out? Not a problem. It will stop in 30 minutes anyway.

12. You Shop At The Best Grocery Store In America.

And no matter what location you go to, shopping is always a pleasure. To most, Publix seems like just another grocery store. But for us Floridians, it has a special place in our hearts.


13. And If The Chicken Tender Sub Is On Sale There’s A Line Out The Door.

$5.99 for the best sub in town? Let’s go to Publix.

14. You Were Always A Kid At Publix For The Free Cookies.

Chocolate Chip? Sprinkles? I will take two of each please.

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 15. You Didn’t Have To Parallel Park For Your Drivers Test.

What is parallel parking anyway? Not used in Florida.

16. You Can Tell Someone Is A Northerner As Soon As You See Them.

Socks and shoes on the beach? What in the world are you doing?


17. Disney World, Universal, And Sea World Are Just A Short Drive Away.

How lucky are we? Micky Mouse basically lives in our back yard. Despite how many times you have visited these theme parks, you still get the magical little kid feeling when you are there.

18. There Is Really No Point In Doing Your Hair.

A wall of humidity will hit you as soon as you walk outside anyway. Good and bad hair days aren’t a thing. It’s more like frizzy or not-as-frizzy.


19. You Don’t Really Know What Seasons Are.

In Florida, it’s either scorching hot or just a little less hot.

20.  Most Importantly, You Wouldn’t Want To Grow Up Anywhere Else.

There is truly no place like the beautiful sunshine state.

These 20 signs are a dead giveaway for all Floridians. Are you from Florida? Let me know in the comments below!
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