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15 Signs You Grew up In Potomac Maryland

15 Signs You Grew up In Potomac Maryland

From trips to Great Falls and Bethany Beach to hanging out at Sprinkles, these are the 15 relatable signs that you grew up in Potomac Maryland!

You wanted to hang out with friends at night, but the only place to go was Rio or Montgomery Mall. We all wanted a fun nightlife, but everyone knew the struggle of not having a place to go if you were under 21. From personal experience, I went to a bowling alley one night with friends and got turned away because it’s “21+ past 8pm.” Your best bet was hitting up the mall at night and walking around meeting other underage teens looking for something to do. These are the 15 relatable signs you grew up in Potomac Maryland!

 15 relatable signs you grew up in Potomac Maryland!

1. You took advantage of every beautiful day at Great Falls.

Those gorgeous 70 degree days in the fall and spring were to die for. You texted your friends “let’s go to the canal!” and put on your cutest athletic outfit to take pictures in, only to find that when you got there, everyone else had the same idea and you had to park a mile away.


 15 relatable signs you grew up in Potomac Maryland!

2. You’re familiar with the W schools and the rivalries.

The rivalries were intense; Winston Churchill, Walter Johnson, Whitman, Wootton. I can remember hearing the repeated chant at my high school football game against Wootton (as I was from Churchill) which was #wuckfootton.

3. Whenever you wanted to go to the beach, you had to drive 3 hours to Bethany Beach.

Bethany Beach was one of the best things about summer. You looked forward to those late boardwalk nights, eating dinner at The Penguin Diner, getting Maureen’s ice cream, and pounds of gummy worms, taffy, and my personal favorite, jujube’s, at Candy Kitchen.


5. High school football games were the highlight of first semester.

Everyone remembers going out and cheering on your school, no matter how bad they were at football (sorry Churchill, I’m talking about you).

6. The big parties were in big, beautiful houses, but they always got busted.

These were the homecoming, prom, and football after parties. No matter what was promised by the host- free beer, “rager of the year”, girls get in free,  the parties were always busted by the cops within 30 minutes of the party starting, But, they were always fun while they lasted.

 15 relatable signs you grew up in Potomac Maryland!


7. JED’S Shaved Ice was a special part of your summer.

Driving past that pink stand in the winter just excited you even more for summer when you could stop by and buy ice.

8. You looked forward to crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

As a kid, that long, scary bridge gave you the opportunity to run wild with your imagination. Were you stuck in the middle of the ocean? Were you Fast & Furious trying to drive faster than each car next to you? The possibilities were endless, just like that bridge.

9. Going to College Park for parties was an experience like nothing else.

Because you’re from Potomac, you experienced supervised, 30 minute parties. But CP parties were the move. They went all night and rarely got busted, because honestly, those cops have a few better things to do.


10. DMV is not a place to get your license.

Everyone knows the DMV is DC, Maryland, Virginia. You always laughed at people who thought it was anything else, because we have the MVA

11. As a middle schooler, you felt like the coolest going to high school football games.

You would roll up to the football games, dropped off by your mom of course, and feel fierce walking through the gates with your high school shirt you cut up or fringed at the bottom. Unstoppable.

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12. The go-to spot to hangout was Potomac Village.

Even more specifically, Sprinkles. The ice-cream was overpriced, with a kids size at $3.22, but you went anyways and paid anyways because your friends did it with you.

 15 relatable signs you grew up in Potomac Maryland!

13. Basically everyone went to UMD.

It’s easy, cheap, and close-by. We all talk a big game of wanting to go far away for school. But, most of us from Potomac will stay right near home- about 45 minutes to be exact- because we love it.


14. Most of your friends got cars when they were 16.

If you were lucky, you were on of those friends. It was typically a nice Jeep Wrangler or a luxurious mom van that you could drive all your friends around in once you got your license… in 6 months.

15. You established friendships that will last your entire life.

You grew up with these people and every small hometown has it’s flaws, but you wouldn’t change your childhood of growing up in the small, wealthy, made-popular-by-Real-Housewives home you call Potomac.

Do you have any other signs you grew up In Potomac Maryland!? Share in the comments below!

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