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20 Signs You Grew Up In Port Washington WI

Oh you’ve never heard of us? Yeah…we get that a lot. Port Washington is a quaint city in WI and is just what it sounds like, a port city. From Coal Dock Park to Pirate Fest, it has so much to offer. These are the signs you grew up in Port Washington!!

1. Having To Explain Where We Are

“Okay, so we’re like 30 minutes from Milwaukee.”

When you’re talking to someone and you tell them where you live, chances are they’ve never heard of it. So then you try to name other towns around it, hoping that you’ll find one that they know.

“Saukville? Westbend? Grafton? Newburg?”

Nope. They’ve never heard of it.

2. The Lighthouse

Ah yes, the lighthouse. The one thing we are semi-famous for. If you’re smart, you won’t attempt to walk out there when the waves are too high, but you do it anyway!

3. Culver’s

It’s after the big game, or the final performance or you’re just hungry for some good old Wisconsin cheese curds. Culver’s is the place for you. The fact that every teenager from the highschool works there can be good or bad for you.

4. Downtown Port

This is the place you go when you want to hang out but don’t have anything in mind. With tons of different stores and the beach close by, you can’t go wrong with taking that special someone down this way.

5. Pirate Fest

Yes, Pirate Fest came back this year, and it was quite a success. Dressing up like Pirates? Awesome. Riding a pirate ship? Double awesome. Smashing pickles? HELL YES.

6. Construction

Yes, for some reason, at any given time there will be construction somewhere. And most often, it’s on the street that you take home the most, leaving you forced to take an alternative route.


7. Not a lot of general shopping?

Luckily, the neighboring towns of Saukville and Grafton have Target, Shopko, Costco and Walmart. In Port Washington, the closest thing to an actual super market is the Shopko Express. Lots of specific shops, but no big outlet stores.

Oh you’ve never heard of us? Yeah…we get that a lot.

8. The Bandshell

Any sort of event? Bandshell. With that giant American flag and bleachers, it is the hotspot for any showcase.

9. Fish Park

A close neighbor to the Bandshell, we have fish park. Fish Park coined it’s non-official name from, you guessed it, the giant fish at the top of the slide.

10. Port Pool (Pirate’s Hollow Park)

Ah yes, the port pool. The place with the giant slide. And the really expensive Magnum icecream bars. A lovely summer hang out spot.

11. Possibility Playground

This awesome place proves to the world yet again that you are never too old to play on a playground. Created by kids from the elementary schools, it was made by kids, for kids. It is accessible to kids with disabilities which makes it fun for all.

12. The Elementary School Rivalries

I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but back in the day when I was a Saukville kid, we had three different nicknames circulating. Dumbwiddie, Stinkin Lincoln and Suckville. Very creative.

13. Duluth Trading Company

All I hear about from moms all around Port Washington is “I got it at Duluth.” Never actually been to the place but with all the hype I might actually go one day.

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14. Coal Dock Park

Before Pokemon Going became completely obsolete, this was the ideal spot to catch all sea-like Pokemon. It’s also a popular spot for graduation, homecoming and prom pictures.

15. Everyone Knows Everyone

Like the status quo for most small towns, you’ll usually have mutual friends on Facebook with someone you’ve just met. There are all sorts of communities and classes that are common among different groups of people, so it’s really easy to make connections.

16. Port Summer Theatre

One of the most enjoyable experiences you can encounter during the summers here is Port Summer Theatre. The parents and children love to see these family friendly productions and the company prides themselves in excellence.

17. A Beautiful Marina

Being right next to Lake Michigan, we have a beautiful Marina that’s perfect to walk around and see the sights. For people out of town, this is the key spot to show them what Port Washington is really made of.

18. Chocolate Chisel

This sweet little Ice Cream and Chocolate shop with pretty decor is the perfect place to grab a scoop on a hot day. It also has an old-timey milkshake bar that will make you feel like you’re straight out of Riverdale.

19. The Supernatural Excitement

For all those Supernatural fans, we can all share in the excitement when we found out that our downtown was featured in one of the episodes. Screenshots were everywhere when the episode came out.

20. Port Fish Day

The event that you’ve all been waiting for, Fish Day. If anyone from anywhere but here knows us for something, it’s the world’s largest outdoor one-day fish fry. Kind of a mouthful, but we have undying pride for it none the less. From fun rides to delicious fish to live music, no one would miss it for the world.

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